Someone do this to my car (28 Photos)

This awesome dirt artwork comes via Scott Wade.

  • Anonymous

    so can i see out of it or am I just going to have to drive blind?

    • Underhill

      Yes, you would drive blind, in reverse. If you can't use the mirrors.

  • Slappy

    Zero is the hero!!!

  • confused

    Scott Wade is a genius

  • top dog

    Thats pretty cool, what do you call it, dirt art?

  • amcdo012

    damn thats some talent. too bad if it rains your art is gone… but its real dope while it lasts.


  • Oh hai

    This is certainly a stark, overt commentary on the ubiquitous nature of human ideology fundamentally challenging our industrialized universal thought.

    *Smokes a pipe while scratching his chin*

  • Katie

    23 is the best. Kinky Friedman in 2012!

  • LadyBodom

    these are the shit. i love #5 old school horror movies rule, and the turtles getting it on is a nice touch. lalalalove it

  • Alan

    I think its pretty lttlafuesy done considering its a Mickey Mouse theme. The 2nd bedroom is clearly geared toward children whereas the master is more adult but stays within the theme. That bathroom is, however, just plain scary!

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