20 more reasons dogs bite humans

  • P-90

    I had one of those cars in pic 11.

  • confused

    people really need to stop dressing up animals most of them just look embarrassing

  • Brandon

    Gotta admit though, the flying monkeys and Cerberus costumes are pretty awesome.

    • confused

      yes i’d agree with that

  • sploosh

    #15 looks like Phil Spector, pre-homicidal maniac days.

  • mook

    I really think that people who do this to their animals need to work on their social skills with other human beings. Maybe get a girlfriend or boyfriend, see if they can work on being somewhat in the realm of not TREATING ANIMALS LIKE HUMAN BEINGS.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I totally agree. We shall discuss this further after tea with my raccoons.

  • aersixb9

    Animals do not use biting as a fast attack. Biting attacks are typically used after pinning their opponent with wrestling-like move in the wild to tear out their opponents throat after wrestling them to a pin. They also use their mouth to butcher and shred the meat and other body parts of their prey. That being said if you do manage to get attacked by a wolf or bear, their teeth are not the dangerous part, nor are their claws which are primarily used for gripping and will not do much damage to you unless you are not moving, in which case the fight is already over and you lost. To beat up a bear, dog, or pretty much any non-exotic poison spitting animal, you can use a simple wrestling technique, just like you would on a human of similar weight. Be sure to keep powered up, as soon as you power down the bite attack can kill you. This only applies to 1+ degree black belts, of course, a 0th level fighter cannot power up and will simply be pinned immediately and bitten to death quickly. Large animals can also tear your limbs off with theirs, so a stick, club, tree branch, knife, or other weapon is pretty much required to win against something that is 150+ more pounds than you.

  • Ken

    I guess that self defense lesson was in reference to the Chihuahua with the toupee in #15?

  • dick boots

    They’re called canines, not gaynines

  • jeff in Australia

    A cat named Tiger lets me live in her apartment. She totally approves of this post.

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