I always wondered who this chick was (23 Photos)

maria lead I always wondered who this chick was (23 Photos)

That lead photo there has been making the rounds on the internets for a few months now. Well the CHIVE has tracked down the girl for your viewing pleasure. Her name is Shay Maria. She’s a model and a dancer. Shay’s Chilean, German, Irish, and part awesome. She currently lives in Buena Park, California. I think the fact that she’s only 19 years old is my favorite part about Shay but, let’s face it, there are a couple things about Shay that are better than that…

  • at work


    but where did that other gallery go?

  • Mattythegooch

    Next stop…….Buena Park.

  • Big Bob

    Yes…with me and my girlfriend!

  • Berg

    yes, please.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Must be nice to be, you know, perfect.

    • Me

      It's a burden sometimes, but I can deal with it.

  • Miko

    #5 is so hot!!!! It made me feel guilty staring at it at work…

    • jason

      Very nice..

  • Anonymous

    she's so freakin hot, 5 alarm. hey, i have that green bathing suit

  • nelly02

    I think i may have made a mess.

  • fake name

    She needs to clean her damn room.

    • Matt

      When you're that hot your room can be as messy as you want it to be.

      • chillcycle

        she can come over and mess up my room if she likes

  • Nathan


    • WTF!

      Another REDDIT post stolen.

      Be original…Damn!

      • Lionhearte

        "theCHIVE uses photos that were found floating around the internet and are covered under Fair Use and are believed to belong in the public domain."

      • Lando

        fyi there was only a SINGLE photo of her on reddit. the chive went out and found the rest so thank god for that. more important, this aint reddit or digg, this is the chive. maybe you'd like to go back to reddit where people give a shit

      • mcfadinj

        If you're worried about sites reposting, you should probably just smash your computer right now. Or stay on reddit.

  • Matt

    Sweet fancy Moses!

  • http://newsolitude69.wordpress.com newsolitude69

    Damn, she is hott

    • Anonymous

      Just two t's hot, not three t's hot.

    • mr bill

      Nice tits!

  • ozzie

    someone please convince her to do porn…please?

    • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

      sigh..we could only wish!

  • Your Underpants

    My trousers just exploded

  • Damn

    Its Amazing what difference hair length makes!!! SUPER SMOKING HOT with LONG hari…Decent looking with SHORT

    • HellHathNoFury

      Malarkey. long hair may look nice, but it's boring. Well-kept short hair shows personality. she's a raging hottie both ways.

      • yeahsure

        Well from the point of view of most men…short hair can be boyish and far less attractive than long hair,i don't see how boring comes into it and the only personality it shows is lazyness,long hair too mch work eh baaaaaaaaaaaaaah…trombloid!

    • joeoby78

      Who gives an "F" about her hair, I didn't even notice she had a HEAD until three or four pictures down.

    • doug

      I agreed with joeoby78….

      Nice rack!

      • LOL

        Girls perspective on hair:

        Longer= harder to maintain but so much easier to pull at all the right times.

        Shorter=easier to care for.

        As for real or fake tits…they're real…not that any of y'all will ever hold them.

        Her face…the architecture/alignment is beautiful.

        19…holy crap. Makes me feel like a dirty old woman looking at her…didn't stop me from lookin' tho did it? 😀

        • EricaVee

          Another girl's perspective on hair: short hair is actually harder to maintain. Requires just as much styling and also needs to be cut VERY often to keep it looking right. I've switched between both in the last few years, so this is from personal experience.

          I like her with shot hair, the cuteness balances out the sexier parts of her.

    • No-doze

      Backwards. She is insanely hot with short hair, and only kinda cute with long hair. Still, great rack all the time.

  • Dingo

    time for me to start cyber stocking her 😀

    • HellHathNoFury

      There's already a good stock of her here. Good thing you didn't want to stalk her. That would be creepy.

      • Look out!

        It's the spelling police……………………

        • mcfadinj

          At least he made a joke out of it. Can't believe that you would target him out of all the other grammar nazis. At least choose someone who isn't making a funny joke.

  • top dog

    My definition of hotness must be on a different level I guess, I like older, mature women, women that have attained that final or desired state. She look damn good though, she also got a nice butt crack #16.

    • Jay

      i agree her butt crack is amazing

      thats one of my fav pics 🙂

  • ba


    • confused

      fugly FUGLY… did u even look at those pics or did u just comment

      • LOL

        Clearly 'ba' is a 'Blind Ass' trying to look good on theh internet……. and i checked, thats not discriminative

  • confused

    i cant believe she's only 19 also glad i'm not in college right now

  • slutifer

    EPIC underboobage

  • Woody

    A fucking koi fish tattoo? Of all the fucking shit to paint your body she chose fucking fish? I have no choice but to continue furiously masturbating to her pictures.

    • flednanders

      i know, and it's not even facing the right way – typed with one hand.

    • Nahvis

      I'm glad I wasn't the only one…that's one wonky tattoo.

  • Carlos MV

    OMG… holy f…k

  • evilorstupid

    Underboob…. mmmmmm.

  • matt

    No way those are REAL! But damn!

    • FO

      Actually they are real, you can tell from the shots in the bikini.

      • forge

        You can tell they're real by the fact she prefers to have her arms above her head when photographed from the front and dressed in very little. They're gorgeous and she's just lovely from absolutely any angle, but when they're that big and that heavy, they're going to naturally hang a bit low. And seriously? Not a darn thing wrong with that.

        • hd4

          They are real. One tip off is the superficial veins under her breast skin. Women with implants for some reason lose that. The big ugly tattoo was a turn off though.

      • mcfadinj

        Actually, no you can't. Are you claiming to be some plastic surgery wizard who can tell what's fake or real just by viewing 10% of the object in question?

    • https://www.facebook.com/flyguyry1 Sarge Sarge

      Dude those are as real as it gets

  • joey

    not really that hot. nice body but the face is sub par

    • littleoldme


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