Swiss army car?? (15 Photos)

This car is a one man army. It takes no prisoners. And it won’t take “no” for an answer.

  • yefvs

    FAKe N GAY

    • P-90

      It’s not fake, Richard Hammond drove it on Top Gear a few years back.

      • Brandon

        P-90, he was actually referring to his sexuality.

        • P-90

          Ah I see, well my planned post about ‘Constantly getting bombarded in the face by copious amounts of liquid’ will now mean something very different to him.

  • jeff in Australia

    It would go even faster if it was red. Very cool though, even looks good…….

  • Mustafa_Beer

    The name is Bond; James Bond!

  • vitorla

    Slash Mitsu Eclpse/Prowler hybrid lol.

  • top dog

    I like it but I can’t afford it. With this thing, who needs a boat?

  • Santi

    It’s not fake at all, it was a the Geneva Car Show.

  • uberbrie

    “I have one word for you…ThunderCougarFalconBird”

    • Black6dog

      You are an amazing person!

  • LOL

    I want.

  • Phil

    hydrofoils are sweet. I once saw a sailboat with them, it was epic.

  • Xyphermx

    Nice Car or boat =P

  • Awesome

    Car + boat = Coat? Bar?

  • newsolitude69

    I want one!

  • pookie

    Hey baby, ever sucked cock in a transforming carboat going 25 knots?

  • Evariste

    That's absolutely a real car made by Rinspeed. They only make concept cars.

  • Zenon Issel

    Keep warm when speeding along with a Boat Coat!

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