TheCHIVE Top Five Photo Contest (5 Photos)

chive tue contest TheCHIVE Top Five Photo Contest (5 Photos)
theCHIVE has teamed up with to award a FREE badass T-Shirt per day to whoever submits the BEST, original funny photo to theCHIVE. The Top 5 photos submitted per day are chosen by theCHIVE staff and those photos are then voted on by you, our loyal Chivers.
Submit you’re awesome photos HERE for your chance to win a free Tee From BustedTees!
Click HERE to view theCHIVE Top Five and vote for the winner!

Click HERE to Submit your photo and check back tomorrow to see today’s winner!

Last Thursday’s Winner…
olquin0304201007331 TheCHIVE Top Five Photo Contest (5 Photos)

bustedtees advert2 TheCHIVE Top Five Photo Contest (5 Photos)

  • bowhuntpa

    once again shitty choice of not funny pics

  • bodombeats

    Funnier pics then last week for sure…but compared to the awsome pics Chive usually posts…still not funny. FAIL

    • Jacob Brine

      * User creates name ‘bowhuntpa’ and insults the photos
      * User doesn’t want people to argue with his point of view
      * Dumbass user creates name ‘bodombeats’ to reinforce his opinion
      next time, choose names that are not so shockingly similar, bowhuntpa – oops, I mean bodombeats, oops, I mean bodumbass

      • Jacob Brine

        I suck my own dick on Tuesdays.

        • Jacob Brine

          I actually am doing it right now… pretty talented huh? I can feel it…. you’re jealous as hell. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to make sweet love to my man.

          • Brad Pitt

            You guys are made of win.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Just because your last name is Brine doesn’t mean you have to be so salty at everyone.

        • (A)

          Real punny guys.

  • chiver

    why do these all have to suck?

    • uber guy

      ok, now, bofuckass, we get it. chiver?

      very original this time

      • Taylor

        i giggled at the pwning

      • chiver

        incorrect “uber guy”

  • Yanush

    the minivan is fucking hilarious. I hope there’s a 34 year old guy in there

  • Vern

    Nice edit: there’s two L’s in shallow, boys. Two.

  • NTFW

    they all suck, they’re like walmart versions of REAL FUNNY… *snake noises*

    just gimmie the damn shirt. thanks 🙂

  • evilorstupid

    And yo, HHNF knows salty…

    • nice one


    • HellHathNoFury

      That just makes me more awesome.

  • balws

    i have a very important special announcement…. TITS that is all

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