• stafferty

    Pedobear by MC Escher

  • Sam Hahar

    Worthing beach bitches!!!

    • Jacob Brine

      1st!!! SUCK IT BITCHES!!!!

      • Fail

        1st FAIL maybe.

        • Jacob Brine

          no actually you’re the first FAIL mr. Fail. SUCK IT!!!

      • Yo Mama

        haha…god you suck at this!

        • Jacob Brine

          yo mamma sucks deez NUTS!!!

  • garp

    …damn, I knew one day all those drugs I did in the eighties would come back to haunt me

  • man

    That is just fuucking AWSOME

  • tommybhoy

    Pedobear FTW!

  • douchebag

    watch this on acid lol

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