Chivers, what’s the weirdest thing in your home/office right now!? (50 Photos: Update CLOSED)

lead weird Chivers, whats the weirdest thing in your home/office right now!? (50 Photos: Update CLOSED)
You’re all bored at work right now so let’s have some fun. Send us the strangest thing you have in your home/office/dorm and we’ll post it in this gallery as soon as they come in. We won’t post the photos if they’re too boring so be creative! Send all photos to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com or use our handy-dandy new photo upload page.
Don’t waste any time. Send us your photos and collect internet fame. Be sure to include your name and location (if you photoshop it on the pic yourself it helps us out a lot and increases the chance your photo will be posted). Now get moving. Chivers John and Bob are waiting to answer your call.

Update, sorry folks, pic posting is CLOSED.
Come back next Wednesday for more madness.

Chive On!

  • Ines

    ah cool! someone from montevideo, uruguay! holaaa!! 😀

  • Teehee

    #19, Sean Nicholls from Santa Rosa, California, you live in my city. I think that’s cool.

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