Lego structures I must steal someday (25 Photos)

A quarter a century later and legos still rock.

  • MichaelGS

    is it wrong that at the age of 25 i still find lego creations cool?

    lego guitar ftw and lego iphone = fail

    also i don’t wanna be first

  • vitorla

    Naw, dude. I’m 23 and Legos were my life when I was little. I still think these are cool as hell.

    • HldOnHittinABowl

      Totally agree with you, I’m 26 and still love ’em. I play with ’em every time I watch my nephews. Still got probably 100lbs of legos in my closet from my childhood.

      • top dog

        I think it’s time to pass em on to your nephews, they’ll love you for it, trust me.

        • Brandon

          I don’t know, kids these days seem to lack the attention span and imagination to play with regular Lego, unless it’s one of those ridiculous themed sets that give you step by step instructions.

          • jeff in Australia

            Not making fun of you at all… I agree with you 100%….
            but, did I just hear your father, grandfather speaking…?
            Seems to me you are too young to be knocking the next generation yet…
            Wait 10 -15 years it will be as cool as it was for us…
            I love Lego too..

  • Berg

    Babar? fuck yeah

  • Fletch

    Is that 2 B’s?
    That’s Two
    Yeah but not right next to each other.

    • Mattythegooch

      Isn’t there a childrens book about an elephant named Babar?

      I wouldn’t know, I don’t have any.


      No, elephant books.

  • McBeastie

    Lego Jesus is the lord of all the other Lego creations, except for Babar…he prays to Lego Ganesh.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I know a boy his name is Zack
    He loves to fit, he loves to stack
    Yes construction is his knack
    he’s Zach the LegoManiac
    Zack… Zack… He’s a LegoManiac

  • woo james may

    james may’s house in england at no.10
    shame it was knocked down 😦

  • Nagrom


    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!

    That Vader fuckin rocks more that a fat chick in a dinghy

  • Mr.Doom

    james may FTW lol cool thing is all the furnishings were lego too, he even had a flushing lego toilet

  • HellHathNoFury

    I still have a giant storage bin of Legos and I use my daughter as an excuse to keep it around. Her little friends better not break my ghetto-rigged x-wing.

    • vitorla

      If you were my wife, I’d massage your feet every night till you fell asleep.

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