• Tory

    those are some awesome mammals

  • chez


  • 4chanfavor

    he never saw it comin

  • schol dump

    they still have a sense of humor

  • Charlie

    that’s fucking funny

  • quarterly

    i wonder if anybody lol’d at the press conferece

  • Leslie Part

    tonight. you.

  • stark

    great bombing run

  • imdb sux

    my day got just a little brighter

  • morons

    Just because the expression looks like a laugh or a smile, doesn’t mean it is one, ya freaking morons.

    • Calm down

      Just because people find a photo funny doesn’t mean they actually think an animal is smiling for the camera. Go hug your cat, grouch.

  • um

    yeah, one is laughing and the one behind is nodding and pointing at the camera while doing the moonwalk

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    Orcas are easily the most beautiful animals.

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