Burj Khalifa: The Worlds Tallest Building (16 photos)

  • top dog


  • vitorla

    It’s pretty incredible looking in real life.

  • Mustafa

    The 9th is actually from Burj Al Arab hotel.

  • garp

    …built on the backs of slaves though, let’s not forget that part, most of the construction workers in Dubai, drawn from impoverished parts of asia, earn only a few dollars per hour….the city centre is a jewel, the outlying parts are no better than calcutta or tijuana…the sheiks of Dubai are no different than the pharoahs of Karnak

    • Nice

      Those slaves did a good job!! by the way did you manage to see where those slaves came from? living in poverty, on the streets! at least they got a few dollars and have a place to sleep! no one forced them to go there am sure, so who ever doesn’t like it then let them come back home!!

      • trogdor

        You are as clueless, as you are naive “Nice”

        • garp

          …Nice, you are correct, there is no gun to their heads forcing them to work (unless one metaphorically can call hunger a weapon), so is it technically slavery? No. Is it equitable and fair? No. But seeing that you are o.k. with this us chive-grunts will wait to hear how your talk with your boss goes today where you tell him you are willing to work for $2.00/hr, hope all goes well after that, cheers

          • Vison

            How much do the people that pick your strawberries make? Or the bus boy at your favorite restaurants? Or the guy who vacuums your office after hours? All of these people keep your living expenses down.

            Is $7-8 an hour (for legal workers) really enough to raise a family in the US? “Slavery” is a lot closer than you think.

            According to the Truth (Wiki), the Burj Khalifa laborers earned £2.84 ($4.27) a day. Also according to the Truth, these workers were given miserable living conditions and had their earnings withheld. Oddly, these same things happen to the migrant workers who make it possible to buy your groceries for so cheap.

            • garp

              …wait, groceries are cheap?! where so I can move there, because up here in Calgary strawberries are priced like gold bullion, meaning someone somewhere between here and the strawberry fields of SoCal is making some serious coin…but I see your point Vison about migrant workers, not a good situ either…

            • randomness

              amen jeff. amen.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Please, people, before you hurt yourselves, pick up a book called Salt by Mark Kurlansky. It’s a world history through salt. sounds stupid, but it makes it very clear, in an unbiased way, that slavery has put every single culture where they are now. Not saying it’s right, or that the lives of slaves didn’t matter as long as we got what we wanted, but seriously. If you’re going to go on about slavery, please move out of your city, out of your nice home and for God’s sake get off the internet, since all progress has been made with the assistance of slaves in some degree.

  • Brandon

    Good to see they’re putting all their blood oil money to good use there. Are Muslims that sexually repressed that they feel the need to compete to see who can build the bigger phallus?

  • Quacodile

    Slavery gets stuff done, just look at the pyramids.

    • Guypants McGillycutty


  • tommybhoy

    Chive, chive followers….I live about a mile from this place. Should have been finished over a year ago and its changed name because Abu Dhabi gave Dubai money to save them…hense the name is the name of the Abu Dhabi ruler.
    All you had to do is ask and i would have taken photos of this madness for you!

    • lumpey

      who gives a rat tailed fuck aboot it? When are the beaners going to fly their donkeys into the top tier of the building- time to trade a little tit for tat

  • top dog

    I take it you guys took your complaints to the appropriate authority, hmmmmm? if not, whats the point of doing it here?

  • Ken

    What’s all this socialist drivel? Calling low wage workers “slaves” is an utter affront to those who were actual slaves, who had no rights but were property, could be taken from their families, had no freedom to travel to seek better. Poverty is a bitch, but it ain’t slavery.

    My understanding is that the building is already bankrupt and closed (less than a month after opening) as is construction on the $20Bil downtown project. See, the recession hit the “rich” as well.

  • jeff in Australia

    I like it.
    I don’t care who had a meal to eat because they built it.
    I like it.
    I don’t care who now at least has maybe a start to try to improve their lot.
    I like it
    I don’t care which of ALL the silly religions built it.
    I like it.
    I don’t care if every one thinks about who makes their, sneakers, t-shirts, watches, phones.
    I like it.
    I don’t care, or understand why, most of the above commentators have to find the negative in EVERYTHING.
    I don’t care where it is, it is wondrous to look at, it is a great achievement, it is the tallest thing ever built, it doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks about it.
    I like it
    I don’t care what anybody thinks about what I think about…..
    Cos guess what, I like it.

  • Zantear


  • thatguy

    too bad its in the middle east, the asshole of the universe

  • Auzzya

    The architect(s?) for this place must be set for life. Heck, they're set for quite a few lives!

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