I want thaat (22 Photos)

Simply lush.
These lovely landscape gems come from the amazing photographer Miguel Rita.

  • cj

    where is this?

  • Floopa_Joopa

    It looks like a few of those photos are from the Hebrides. Not sure, but they look familiar.

  • Zey

    My lovely home country who is strongly contributing to the decline of european economy… Portugal! These photos make it look… pretty! I’m surprised.

  • Lord Botherington-Smythe

    HDR overdone.

    Not knocking the composition though.

  • Freemon

    Welcome to Portugal!

  • Miguel Rita

    @ Lord Botherington-Smythe

    I don’t use HDR, i use the double exposure method and gradient filters. Not a big fan of HDR.

    @ Bob Thank very much for exposing my work. Greetings from Portugal.

    • Bob

      Really it was an easy decision to make when I saw them, Miguel. These pictures are beautiful. If you ever want me to post another batch send them to the Chive submit page and we’ll hook you up

    • jeff in Australia

      Thank you, for being talented enough to capture these, and for sharing them.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Please marry me.

    • Lord Botherington-Smythe

      Fair enough, shows you how much I know.

  • alfredo

    Portugal FTW yeah, Miguel Rita sao tuas!? Grande Trabalho..! Quando comecei a ver as fotos pareciam-me estranhamente familiares mas dps qdo vi o moinho Só podia ser o nosso Portugal! 😀

  • top dog

    Yep, definitely captures the beauty of the moment. Fine work.

  • LOL

    Bob…thank you for posting this.

    Miguel…thank you for taking them.

    I had a momentary mini mind vacation. 😉

  • garp

    …great work Miguel, thanks for sharing

  • at work

    awesoem photos

  • Javier

    I wouldn’t throw Volvo out clmlpeteoy. The C30 PCP, a 400hp version of the C30, is not bad looking for a Volvo. I’m sure it’d have some appeal to those that are into the hot hatches.

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