No wonder the divorce rate is 52% (19 photos)

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Oh… the 'shopping of 16 is gonna be great

    • Peter Bergman

      I thought it was shopped.

  • youdummy

    "With this ring, I thee wed."…. "That's sweet honey, here's an apple."

    • Confucius

      if that was a cherry, that would be epic

    • Peter Bergman

      Forbidden fruit??

  • hmm....

    omg #13, really?!?!

  • top dog

    I wonder if she know her ass is out in #10? Make for access tho.

  • garp

    …so much wrong in these

  • LOL

    #12 fail. When was Elvis on the Enterprise?!? Come on people step it up.

    #3 she’s a oh hell what are they? The small chicken candy shit they sell at Easter? A PEEP! That’s it…a big white peep and little pink peeps behind her.

    I only have hope for the couples in #’s 6, 10 & 15. The rest are screwed.

    • garp

      ….of course #12 is a fake, Transporters have a mass-density limit rating of 250lbs and Mrs. Hambeast clearly exceeds that…they could’ve used a Shuttlecraft I suppose though

      • Fuzzybeard2016

        It’d have to be a cargo shuttle.

  • no wayman91

    #11 “I can’t stand your effing mother”! lol
    #17 “Let’s get this over with”

  • Brandon

    At first i only noticed the Jedi kid in #4 and thought, What a badass. Now i realize there’s a ton of Star Wars costumes.

    • El Presidente

      Dressing up as Darth Vader at wedding: sort of badass.
      Dressing up as Jar Jar Binks at wedding: horror. The horror.

  • mook

    I think divorce rates are high due to morals, loyalty, control issues, money, unrealistic dreams, cheating, and the general people just think they are king shit and can always do better not because people look like mongoloid retards. Maybe if we started teaching that people are not stepping stones to better upgradeable relationships it wouldn’t end up in ruin. Once you’ve hit the top of the rung you can climb saying you can climb further only makes you fall.

    • damn

      Left you for a better lay did they? We don’t give a shit.

    • Ken

      Wow mook, the “I’d hit it” comments in the boob threads have more insight than that judgmental tripe!

    • Crystal

      Yeah mook I agree

  • top dog

    Is that a turd cake in #19?

    • kleete

      Jabba the Hut maybe?

  • Gutterville

    #13 bride is a slut

    • top dog

      How do you know that?

  • kleete

    #7 Pimp and Ho wedding is epic! Married by Death in #18, I’m game if Adam Carolla is the voice and not Norm Macdonald. I still can’t believe that no Super Hero or Zombie weddings made the list.

  • Arkannine

    #13 ftw

  • HellHathNoFury

    so, anyone wanna get married?

    • Lionhearte

      Eh, might as well. Next Tuesday good for you?

      • HellHathNoFury

        Um, marrying someone else that day. I can do it on Wednesday though.

  • simon

    #3 boy those dresses look like overinflated balloons

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  • blot

    #3 won’t be getting divorced, that looks like a British gypsy wedding; they don’t do divorce.

    • El Presidente

      Right, #17 as well, I think

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