Timeless classics Lego style (24 Photos)

Ok, so I know this is the second Lego post this week but to hell with it–still amazing.

  • Bruce

    Some of those are in bad taste.

    • wastefull

      bruce stop being a little bitch. its just legos

      • mook

        Ya shut it ratard

  • Eduardo

    The Tiananmen square dude in front of the thanks is holding the case with the wrong hand. FAIL!

  • confused

    Ahh who really cares there awesome… Lego rules plain and simple

  • Manicotti

    Of course it’s in somewhat in bad taste. It’s horrific/sensitive pictures depicted in LEGO. Having said that, I approve entirely. Dignity is overrated.

  • Simon

    Where is #8 from? I haven’t seen it before but it was a cool photos

    • Mahony

      Its Behind the Gare St. Lazare by Henri Cartier-Bresson. The Gare St. Lazare its a train station in Paris thats massive.

  • Big Bob

    Bad taste?

    And here I thought the title of this post was “Happy, Joyous moments in time with bunnies, flowers and everything cute done by Legos”. Sadly, not every moment in time can be a happy one Bruce. These are photos that all of us have seen a thousand times simply recreated using Lego pieces.

    Yep, the pic of the Vietcong man being executed isn’t something that’s easy to look at for a lot of people. That picture, along with a few others such as the running naked girl covered in napalm and the pics from My Lai, were probably the most infamous pictures taken during the Vietnam War. Those photos changed a lot of opinions back in the U.S.

  • http://misainzig.wordpress.com misainzig

    My former high school principal was standing about 10 feet behind the camera in picture 6. Pretty awesome war story, despite how graphic it is.

  • Bingo

    It may be horrible, but I could NOT help laughing. All the Lego men were just so happy about what was going down.

  • slutifer

    #7 dudes laughing WTF?? LOL

  • dave

    I agree with bruce. Some of these are great, but others are in bad taste. Not offensive-but-funny, but just unfortunate and awkward for anyone who ever thought an innocent man being executed in the street (for example) is actually an extremely disturbing image.

  • inspectmyclouseau

    I aggree w Bruce. I think we could all care less about most of these but 6 and 12 probably take it too far. In 7 all three are smiling…i dont see anyone smiling in 6. This isnt Lego Star Wars. Lego means ‘play well’…not real fitting for the two aforementioned pics. Don’t get me wrong the actual pictures are not wrong (imo) but enlightening and important.

  • jeff in Australia

    What Dave said..

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