We creep social networks so you don’t have to (22 photos)

  • habsfanx

    last!!!!!!! Im now ready for work …. chive on from Canada

    • yup

      me too

  • top dog

    Look like a lotta jail bait on this one.
    If you have to wear a t-shirt that say “make out with me….somethings wrong

    • shnoobins

      hahaha I went to highschool with that girl just stumbled onto this she is a big lesbian now i think.

    • Anonynomnom

      Woot, jailbait!

  • vitorla

    Anyone know where #3 and #15 are? Pretty nice looking area.

    • jeff in Australia

      I was wondering the same, what a great looking valley, ex river ?, glacial ?.
      And yes, I did notice the tree bound girls, he types quickly to kill the obvious and oh so predictable comments that would have followed.

      • Analfile

        you 2 should meet and out-gay each other. Fight TO THE DEATH!

        • jeff in Australia

          As I typed, predictable and obvious…
          Should have also typed moronic, boring, totally unimaginative, and just plain stupid…
          My fault, I deserve your comment because it is none of the above is it.
          Hope your life gets better…

          • the_vor

            They are on the island of Maui in the Hawaii on the road to Hana. I used to live there.

  • Lyndsey

    I sent in a pic of me with chive written on it.. i guess i don’t count ’cause it was mostly of my face and not my tits. but i’m not bitter… hahahha

    • yoyomah

      with a face like adam sandler you want to be on the chive?

    • Paul

      Yeah, we don’t really care about your face. We want tits and ass.

  • youdummy

    #6 is the hottest because she’s in the kitchen

  • cavemanlawyer

    #14 I have seen this look before….

    • Mustafa_Beer

      Immediately prior to her dailing 911 ?

  • Chef_Tony

    i don’t get this kinda post. it is not funny and i most certainly don’t come _here_ for tits. booooring

    • LOL

      Let me guess Tony…you came here for the scintillating conversation…the dynamic interchange of thoughts…the formidable prospect of finding your one true love in one of the Russian bride galleries…and the beer? Correct? 😀

      I think 21 is HHNF. Perhaps. Hmmmmmmmm. Perhaps…

      • garp

        …HHNF?…gotta see the toe damage to be sure

      • lewoo3

        What does HHNF mean??

        • LOL

          HHNF-Hand Held Neck Fucker 😀
          Happy Happy New Friend
          Handsomely Hewn Net Fan
          Howitzer Hoeing a Nude Fantom…okay…I’m digging to hard…substituting F for PH there…oh well.

          HHNF=HellHathNoFury…a girlie girl/commentator on this site that has stalkers/haters/lovers. She’s intelligent and that kinda scares some people. She tells it how she sees it. Right or wrong, she is who she is. Not worth stalking…but usually worth reading. 😉

          • jeff in Australia

            Succinctly put sir/madam..

            • lewoo3

              Thanks LOL!! Thats why I was trying to work out what HHNF meant coz I wanted to know what people were saying about me haha. 😀

          • lewoo3

            Ok…thank you. So someone thinks that #21 is that Hellhathnofury girl? Coz its not..its me lol

            • jeff in Australia

              If it is I do.

            • LOL

              Hi lewoo3…nice to meet you…warning ya…the stalking (not by me) shall now begin. You’re dang cute. 😉 Good job…I think it’s safe to say that yes, the chive peanut gallery does love you now…lol. 🙂

              Just fyi’ing…I’m a chick. Heterosexual…but I can absolutely appreciate the beauty of the human form…whether it’s male or female. 😉

            • HellHathNoFury

              Didn’t hear you the first eleventy times. As if being me is some kind of horrible insult.

        • HellHathNoFury

          I can’t imagine where anyone would think that is me. We’re both white females, and that’s about it.
          There is no way I’d ever look that good in a bikini.

          • jeff in Australia

            You are standing too close to it to be able to judge that…
            Please take photos of yourself, bikini clad. I will judge for you, send them to ….
            Sorry forgot who I was typing to..
            Can you go back to tea bags…

          • lewoo3

            HHNF – definitely no offense meant! Just didn’t know who/what HHNF was!! Just wanted to figure out what people were saying about me. I hear you’re worth reading tho!

            • HellHathNoFury

              *shakes fist* You’re hot, so I’ll forgive you…this once.

            • MichaelGS

              she’s forgiven you, but next time will involve handcuffs right HHNF? or is that just my sick twisted imagination? oh it is? im gonna stop talking now :S

  • getbig

    #14 is the best

  • no wayman91

    #6,16,and 17 Damn!!!!
    I hope 21 is HHNF,she is cute.

    • P-90

      Whoever 21 is she is definately cute.

  • Shadow Sterks

    Ah first I wake up to a beautiful warm day get a coffee then get on the chive for a great list of beauties life is amazing. Thanks chive for being the cherry on the cake of my day!

  • tiger woulds

    great mirror image in #1

  • at work

    thanks chive!

  • P-90

    Austin Powers FTW.

  • Todd

    The answer is NO.. to the ginger…

  • tommybhoy

    #4…clean your room you messy cow!

    • yo

      erm shes decorating you poohead

  • slutifer

    #7 Holy Mother of Zombie Jesus!
    #21 Yes !

  • yo

    4 and 16.

  • Gutterville

    #7 extreme DD

  • http://powersticks.wordpress.com powersticks

    Insta boner on #21, #20 in a close second.

  • joeoby78

    #7 makes me feel funny in my pants. I’d do things to her I wouldn’t do to a farm animal.

    • Some1 had to say it

      ummm, i think you shared too much just then.

  • bbbbbeaver

    i think im getting STD’s by just looking at these pictures

  • randomness

    This gallery should just be called “BEWBS”

    Also what is HHNF????

    • LOL

      See above answer but change the “I’m digging to hard” to “I’m digging too hard”. Thanks. 😛

  • lewoo3

    but its not. its me

    • its_forge

      #21 is you? You are cute. Hope you're having a good life.

  • patton303

    Way to ruin a nice pics of Waipio Valley with those two skanks getting in the way.

    • jeff in Australia

      You type like you know this place. Where is it, what formed it…?
      Not random questions, Asked in another comment above..

      • deedub

        that is Hawaii, it was formed by under water volcanos, thousands of years ago…

      • patton303

        Waipio Valley is on The Big Island of Hawai’i.
        Which is in fact called, Hawai’i. Sometimes called Kona.
        There’s a lot of natural valleys like this on volcanic islands. You can’t believe how spectacular
        it is when you see it for yourself. It’s incredible.

        • jeff in Australia

          Thank you for your response…Looks great…
          Would love to see it and other wonderful sights I have seen in photo’s, looks like a great place to holiday…. You are very lucky…

          PS. please send tickets to…….

  • ...........

    wtf why am i on here

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