CDs huh…..nuke ’em (5 Photos)

Ever wondered what it would look like to microwave CDs?

  • wastefull

    nice i have some phill collins cds that i wanted to destroy. this is perfect

    • vitorla

      Bite your tongue. Why would you hate on Phil?

  • Pycczykw

    Nuke the microwave too

  • dick boots

    Next up… Kill your Macintosh

  • Mustafa_Beer

    It always seems cooler when Kari Byron is there too.

  • Matt

    i love nuking CDs. If you do a DVD it sparks even more than CDs

  • ButtaButta

    Will this ruin my microwave? There are Cd’s I have that need to die. Preferably in an amazing sparking way.

  • LadyBodom

    im so bored at work im contemplating trying this just to entertain myself. may or may not be worth losing my job tho.

    • Big Bob

      Nah, just go into your nearest 7-11, or other convenience store, and use their microwave!

  • Robi5150

    Do you think the dude who stumbled across this phenomina was stoned or just stupid?

    • Robi5150


  • kottonkandy

    my ex used to do that all the time. it looks really neat, but it makes the house smell pretty bad for a while. just saying..

  • Arkannine

    Awesome o.o

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