Daily Afternoon Randomness (25 Photos)

  • dick boots

    3. I wanna be friends with it.
    9. I giggled
    22. divine grease stain?

    • Brandon

      Yeah #9 is good, and #25 was pretty damn funny too. And #10 combines two of my favourite things.

      • Al Gore

        By two favorite things you mean pussy right?

  • HellHathNoFury

    18. that is NOT what Sir Mix-a-Lot was talking about.
    i have 14 tattooed on my forearms so I’ll never forget.
    Why does that emo kid have an emu kid?

  • gandharvas

    #18. Oddly, I’d hit that.

  • Lionhearte

    It’s a littl- who’re we kidding, nice fail chive, we can’t even read #14.

    • kimbos lice

      this better be some troll trolling troll or there is one thing you are sir, and that sir, is an idiot

  • chiver

    #13 bLEW mY mIND

    • Nat Fiction

      it would actually (if possible) reflect present, because it woul take 1,000,000 light years to make it to the mirror, and 1,000,000 light years to make it back to earth

      and anyone who doesnt realize, is stupid

      • Nat Fiction

        …juust kidding, blew my mind as well

  • Non-russian

    Well, #19 is dumb photoshop, you can do better using that tool 😦

    • Non-russian

      Sorry, I meant #18

  • Nagrom

    Ass on #3. WIN!!!!!!

    • Dave

      Agreed, that’s one of the best asses I’ve seen in a while.

  • dick boots

    18 is EXACTLY what Sir Mix-a-Lot was talking about. It’s Friday night and I’m at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego… on my Mac… on The Chive… I should be euthanized.

    • Anonymous

      i agree apple sucks you should get a windows pc. atleast you admit it.

    • wastefull

      i agree apple sucks you should get a windows pc. atleast you admit it.

  • milikes

    19 does exist and its in Seattle

    • HellHathNoFury

      Yup, in the Westgate Mall, right? I saw it recently.

      • arglebargle

        i know the person who made #19

  • HoBoGuY

    My god, #10…..

    You think the ass is good on #3? Check out the turd-cutter on #18!

  • P-90

    #11 Please, please let that be a photomanip.

    • ROR

      Either that or it was all hell for his parents to play “This little piggy”

    • jeff in Australia

      The other foot in the background looks similar to that foot that can’t wear shoes.

      • Anonymous

        wtf is that please be photoshoped

    • Lynne

      It takes him five minutes just to toe the line.

  • kleete

    #24 is a great reminder! #25 A sequel coming this summer Lara Soft Fridge Raider : Gravy is Life!

  • Dreamy

    attention men! I want a name, and I want it now, identify nr 3! and i don’t mean the cat =]

  • getfragged

    I found Jesus!

  • Alex

    number 8 is my home town Hong Kong. finaly gets represented on the chive 😀

  • Shmo


  • Marty

    I too would hit #18

  • Cornerkick215

    #18- I also would take her down!

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