• I slay atheists

    For number 2, you can also just put a slash on the equal sign to ≠.

    • yo

      hehe yeah thats what i did to!

      • bananas

        Haha I did the same thing too.

    • Soda Pop

      That's what I did. 🙂

    • RLW

      That was how I answered it.

  • yimrsg

    A lot of big time fail there, Ireland doesn't have "A levels" that's England. Ireland has the leaving cert. And we have a ministry not a ministery.

    • Rory

      Cheers for pointing that b4 I did, big chance that I wudnt of been that polite about it!!!

  • Anonymous

    lol, awsome

  • HellHathNoFury

    How is this a trick question exam? I thought that was pretty painfully obvious.

    • Nick4444

      Well, you only have 1 minute to complete the test. I’m sure you look at it for a little longer than that at the first time.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Being a sarcastic know-it-all has an upside, and I found it in this exam.

        • yo

          Well if you got all the same answers as in the picture then in my opinion you got some of the answers wrong.

          scroll down to the other comments to see why.

          • inspectmyclouseau

            you guessed friday sat. sun ??? lies

            • HellHathNoFury

              Us growed-up werking people see it every day on calendars and such.

  • jethro

    i only got #3 right…

    • Rusty

      Me too. It seems that I am stupid….perhaps I will go buy Ed Hardy clothes to celebrate.

  • Rudy

    at #2 isn’t “5 + 5 + 5 != 550” correct too? 🙂

    • Vrye Denker

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

    • Jeff

      not that I can see. 5! =120

      How does get you to 550?

      Also, that is not one stroke

      • The Trash Man

        Programmatically != means not equals. not 5factorial

    • PooPooCachoo

      It isn’t correct. And exclamation point takes two strokes. One for the line and one for period. The instructions clearly say you can only use ONE stroke.

      • yo

        im pretty sure they wrote != because they didnt know how to type ≠

  • Brando

    I solved the equality by making it an inequality..

    5+5+5≠550 🙂 it’s true! It only said correct it, not make it = to 550.

    • Crystal

      Haha yeah I did the same thing

      • vitorla

        I, too, did this.

  • Snide

    I got stuck on #1. Couldn’t figure out why they spelled “sequence” wrong

  • yo

    I got all of them wrong apparently.

    For the first one i did ‘M T W T M T W’. I thought every other letter was just being written upside down. M upside down is W.

    For the second one i made it a not equals sign.

    For the third one i wrote ‘Anything here’.

    For the fourth one, i actually drew a rectangle with three lines in it, not a square…

    • Brandon

      A square is a type of rectangle, but a rectangle is not a type of square

  • Lolwut

    #4 that’s a square, not a rectangle.

    Meh. Anyway, the only one I got right was #1. I immediately recognized it as as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on and so forth. The rest though…I had no damn clue.

  • yessir

    We dont call it ‘department for learning’

    They mispelled sequence.

    Answers to 3 and 4 are incorrect. 3 is to write “anything here’ and 5 they drew a square.

  • Anonymous

    A square is a rectangle, a rectangle is not a square.

  • TCB

    And those are line segments, not lines.

    • Mustafa_Beer

      Those are not lines… I have done a few lines in my time…

  • con

    We have a department of education, with a government minister in charge of it. The UK has A levels not Ireland.

    • shatnersbassoon

      this is fake its not from ireland its the uk i would guess. Someone has photoshopped it..
      We dont have A-Levels in ireland or a ministery for learning, anyways not thats matters.

  • top dog

    Thats why older folk(like me)don’t bother to try and figure this stuff out, it’s been too long sense we were in school. Hell….when I saw it I thought somebody was trying to be a smart ass. Smart I like, smart ass, I don’t.

    • garp

      …damn tootin tg, damn kids should stay off the lawn as well, say, did you see matlock last night? goodfernuttin rerun again

      • top dog

        Thats darn tootin, not damn tootin. I don’t mind them on my lawn, just stay otta ma stash!! HEEEEEEEhehehe!

  • irish lad

    What irish college is this for as most are entered throgh the cao, iv never heard of a levels in ireland either

  • Irish man

    Chive fail. or who ever submitted this fail. This is not an irish entrance exam and secondly the A level is an english exam. Its like saying the SAT is a canadian exam. Think people.

  • dave

    As a man who works in education in Ireland. this is horseshit. ‘Ministery for Defence’ lol in ireland it’s the ‘Department of Education” and the ‘A-Levels’ are British not Irish.

  • bintang760

    For the last question (three lines) I just used the bottom line of the question box as my fourth line for the rectangle.

    • Hey

      I got the first one correct. The second one I put a / through the =
      The last answer isn’t a rectangle. I also just used the bottom line on the page.

  • Phil

    for the last one I just used the line of the page, and then added 3 lines to form a rectangle

  • Matt

    haha i failed

  • confused

    I would like to inform all of you’s that Ireland does not have A-Levels exams

  • chach

    They should have wrote “anything here:” or wrote “anything” directly upon the word ‘here’. Otherwise, logically, it should have said ‘write anything there’.

    #1 was pathetically rudimentary, how obvious is the pattern MTW_ _ _

    The last one I also just used a line from their own page to complete the rect.

    #2 I didn’t figure out, just drew a line through the whole damn equation.

    I guess it shows my profession involves working with kindergarten students since the days of the week question I figured the pattern upon seeing it instantly, but the mathematical one I didn’t have a clue…btw the inequality sign answer trumps theirs in my opin.

  • Katie

    If Ireland has the same education system (or similar) to England than college is just 16-18. So our high school juniors and seniors… I know plenty of kids that age who would have failed this test.

  • foued

    i love this give me more please

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