• Steve

    This is stupid. Not even Irish as stated. Irish entry to third level(College) is through a C.A.O. points application for certain college courses. You earn your point from your leaving cert exams. with max points being 600.

    Don’t know what this is mean to be or what it is intending to be. other than this keep up the good work chive.

  • r486

    #2 has a better answer, just put a diagonal line through the equal sign to make it a not equal to sign

  • john

    hmm ireland doesnt have a department of learning, or entrance exams….

  • Conor

    Interesting puzzles but this exam is fake.
    Ireland does not have A-level exams, A levels are from the united kingdom.
    Also there is no minestry for education or department for learny is it the department of education.

  • lol

    I just put a slash through the = sign for not equal to

  • Anonymous

    I got all but the last one correct. The first one just popped into my head as the first thing. Number two and three were pretty obvious, the slash through =, and “anything”.

  • Irishmatt

    It's a joke people, get serious

  • ray

    so, how is it that the people who make a college entrance exam cant spell sequence right?

  • Whoopi Goldberg

    First of all, I'm Irish and a teacher.. this is not Irish… A Levels are done in the UK. We actually have a pretty highly rated system of education in comparison to other countries. Secondly, "Ministery"…bad chive!

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