Hot Right Now: Attention: Thigh high socks. That is all (37 Photos)

Star Wars in your city (10 Photos)

Photography done by French photographer Cedric Delsaux where he recreates the scenes of Star Wars characters and vehicles with an urban wasteland background.

  • Frearthandox

    Credit goes to?

  • uberbrie

    Is this the same as the last guy who did this, cause its pretty kick ass

  • confused

    these are amazing

  • Vison

    What city (cities) is this? Buildings/garages #2 and 9 look like some sort of dystopian movie set.

  • Anonymous

    idk about 5 but the rest are awsome.

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  • Rian

    Whatever, we had to do push-ups and jumping jack while sinigng O Canada. That’s a long ass song inside a gas hut trying not to vomit.

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