The red planet (13 Photos)

Photos of Mars taken by NASA’s Phoenix Spacecraft.

  • top dog

    Is that water? If it is that mean mars has atmosphere. All we gotta do is plant a few trees.

    • Ranger Danger

      It would also depend on what that atmosphere consists of, the density of the atmosphere, and the surface temperature. It would also depend on whether or not that atmosphere would be able to protect life on the surface from UV rays.

  • Anonymous

    ok i would have sworn these are not real they look so… weird. the first Picture looked like something out of a sci-fi flick

  • Anonymous

    If these are real I need to see some sauce, because I am not aware of any images like this coming out of the Phoenix Lander or Odyssey Orbiter (the most current missions). These images are artist renderings are are, in fact, sci-fi.

    Furthermore, just FYI, all Phoenix images are black and white with color added by NASA as a “best-guess” based on spectrum analysis.


  • Al

    The first one is a “what if” pictured based on Mars topography that’s been done. It’s a What If the oceans on Mars were still around, what would it look like.

  • LadyBodom

    i never knew Mars was such a sick looking planet, way to go mars

  • chiver

    apparently bob is an idiot.

  • Cocos Island

    Wait a minute…I see someting…

    Is that Dr. Manhattan?

  • skeptic

    Don’t get me wrong i love chive, I love the pictures. But this looks fake, I just hope chive confirms the info before they post it.

  • aaron

    mars is such a nice looking planet. It just needs to be terraformed now.

    oh and all of you guys saying the pictures are ‘fake’. yeah how are they supposed to fake a picture of a planet? like they have paper larger than a planet to draw it on… morons.

    • Zooks

      shut up, bitch.

  • Zoob

    These are fake.

  • hd4

    These are typical for frustrated Astronomers who would like to imagine what outer space would be like if they could really see it. In reality their pictures are pretty boring and blurry. These are artist renderings of what the scientist thinks they probably look like.

  • Alin

    Man..seriously? Do you really belive what you wrote?
    Please somebody tell me he was just sarcastic.

    • Donkey Punch

      I don’t think he was being sarcastic, I think he was being silly. But you really needed me to tell you that?

  • Aaron Cobb

    you don’t need a huge piece of paper to fake a picture fool

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  • meme

    The Phoenix spacecraft was a Mars northern pole lander! #1. It could not have taken any of these photos. #2. All (or most) of these photos are Photo shopped.

  • Irwin109

    NASA just use photoshop!

  • Planet Mars

    My lastest work is a trip through space that my friends here shoud injoy. May you never confuse youself with dust. Strap in.

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