Twins!!!!!!! (25 photos)

  • Huh

    #17 is borderline inappropriate, Chive (look a bit too young)

    • forge

      Almost anywhere in the US you have to be 18 to get a tattoo, there, Huh.

    • Aztec

      I actually don’t think they’re anywhere under 23 years

  • Booger

    #17 who the fuck put implants in the 14 year old.

  • Weezer

    mannnn this is not safe for me at work…. lol

  • powersticks

    #9 18 and 23

  • Shadow Sterks

    I fucking love em ALL!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Yay for incest! If they weren’t hot, you’d be saying they were backwoods hicks with serious issues.

    • hd4

      I agree. I find the pictures with the twins suggesting incest very disturbing and an immediate turn off. Who thinks that’s hot and why.

  • Cable900

    In my experience there’s always a “good” twin and a “bad” twin.

  • forge

    The two wearing the Playboy logos are Hef’s latest set of girlfriends, they just recently moved out of his bedroom; I was utterly boggled to see not one but two women “dating” Hef who **didn’t** have giant ugly plastic boobs. And huzzahs to Chive for most of the women in this set of pics not having them too, I hate those damned things with a passion.

  • northerner

    OMG! Major lovelies! Robi5150, I agree completely, a beautiful petite woman with big boobs is sad. Boobs must be in proportion to the rest of the girl. I’ve said before, I learned the formula in plane geometry class. A girls boobs must be no larger than pi times the square root of her hypotenuse. Or something. But my, they do have such lovely tushes…

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  • HoBoGuY

    #9 takes the cake. I would keep them locked up if they were my kids!

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  • big daddy


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  • jeff

    wow! the hottest chicks are 19, they make my pendulum to bulge out

  • phatboycustoms

    3, 6, 9, 11 are the most amazing of them all

  • Austin

    Twins Basil!

  • Dread

    Nice brazillians, but no Davallos?

  • Michael

    U got big cock

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