• HimAgain


  • Anon

    this gallery is fail, because it consists from one picture…

  • Bob

    This is true, I usually avoid such limited posts. But c’mon….look at this. Can you imagine the look on the drivers face when came to the realization, “ya know, I think I’m about to crash through this ice……shit” Priceless in my mind

    • forge

      Bob, the post says it’s 3 images right at the top there.

  • TheRealSnowman

    forge: Fail – that’s the comment count 😉

  • Yo Mama

    haha! Forge= fail, dumbass

  • john

    Gallery now has 2 fails, thanks for the contribution.

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  • Spencer

    That happened in Keystone, CO right outside the office I work in. The zamboni actually cracked the ice and the driver got off and ran to shore where people began gathering and waited about 5-10 minutes before it completly fell through.

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