Eric Ogden Photographer to the stars (46 Photos)

These photos via Eric Ogden.

  • powersticks

    Who’s in pic 2 and 20?

    • HellHathNoFury

      2 is Ellen Page from Juno and Whip It
      20 is Amy Adams from enchanted and Night at the Museum

  • anon


  • major quimby

    these are sooo cool…
    btw, who’s the girl on pics #16, 27 and 28?

  • major quimby

    i meant 26, 27 and 28

    • etchasketchasaurus

      Rachel McAdams…..the chick from Wedding Crashers, Red Eye…The Notebook (my girlfriend made me watch it…I SWEAR!) . Definitely one of my favorite actress crushes

  • top dog

    Those are some good shots. Glen Close look kinda sexy sitting on that couch like that. I better put a number with that, most young folk don’t even know who she is. #37

  • ?

    haha 50 cent tryin to look classy!

  • antdak

    They all look sad and lonely!

  • Jonathan Passow

    “Ok everyone! Let’s look as bored as possable!”

  • slutifer

    olivia wilde in bed. damn!

  • Matt

    I notice that in all of these photos, there is a lack of exuberance or joy. I wonder if that’s Ogden’s style, or if it really represents the ennui that these celebrities feel when they’re not act their parts?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else completely in love with Rachael McAdams? or Anderson Cooper for that matter ?

  • dave

    that’s easy enough. I could do that.

    Me: “Look sad”
    Rich person: “OK”
    Me: “Lots of money, please”
    Rich person: “OK”

  • mssugarkane

    #12 FTW (swoon)

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