Half Swedish, half Japanese. Chivers, meet June (17 Photos)

june sexy chive 16 Half Swedish, half Japanese. Chivers, meet June (17 Photos)

Let’s start with the basics here. Her name is June and she’s 21 year-old. June currently lives in San Francisco working as a model and a waitress however she claims she’d like to eventually retire in Hawaii after having a successful career as a detective. As with most of the girls we post here, June is surprisingly funny as hell despite her scorching hotness, which is nice. She’s at your mercy now, Chivers. Personally, any Swede-Japanese hybrid who takes her clothes off for our humble site is alright in my book. Enjoy…

  • gavin

    oh hell yes

    • Cha Cha

      Make more Swedes and Japanese breed… the outcome is fantastic

      • reese with her spoon

        that chin would tickle my balls….

  • Anonymous


  • HellHathNoFury

    Um. Uh. Have them back, then.

  • polterguys

    that shot of her ass is priceless

    • Joe

      Agreed. She has the perfect ass, especially if you’re into girls who don’t have too much junk!

      • MOAR


  • stingray


  • bowhuntpa

    wowwy wow wow

  • Grape Escape

    He has a very mannish looking face and NO BUTT at all? Seems like a Thai lady-Boy?!

    • bigger boobs

      agree.. her face…not that hot

    • needs to be funny

      Agree. What is all the fuss about. I see plenty of girls with decent bodies that accent a busted grille.

  • Dani

    She has a Japanese elf face. I think she’s all hotness. Completely. I’m taking her home.

  • Jose Biscuits

    I’ll pass on that one. I don’t think she’s very attractive at all.

    • Annon

      this chick might not be perfect, but i’m willing to bet that you’ve never been with anyone even close to her…show me a picture to prove me wrong, and I’ll donate $1k to the charity of your choice.

      • Nateb123

        He just said he doesn’t find her terribly attractive. Neither do I and it’s cool to have standards and opinions. Not everyone who spends a couple minutes looking at funny pictures is socially incompetent. Frankly I think if the only way a girl can have any curves is to suck in her stomach, stick out her ass and push out her chest, she better have a damn nice face. And this one doesn’t. There’s plenty of nice women out there with figures and faces that put this chick to shame. I also grew up around a lot of halfers (half asians that is) that were all uncannily good-looking so this girl is all the more “meh” to me.

  • krisb

    Jah me rike.

    • Mel

      Jah ? Your a lonely man aren’t you

  • at work

    sorry…but her face doesnt do it for me

    • Annon

      yea, but her body is near perfect!!!

  • Anonymous


    • Gixxer

      your argument is valid!!

  • Cyn

    Hmmm…Looks like the Chive didn’t take all of her clothes…Better get cracking on that!

  • Eazy E

    I would….. then not call her back…

    Unless I was shit-faced, then I would try to remember the number I deleted.

  • Tom O


  • Mc Ren

    #7 and #8 reminds me of that piano playing moon dude Mac Tonight from the old Mc D’z commercials! That or she is the spawn of Jay Leno and a Japanese lady-boy woman! Bleh…..

  • Dr. Dre

    I could use her chin in pix 7 & 8 to dig into the ground and mine diamonds for my “Bling”!

  • yeahsure


  • hitman219

    looks like the Chive stole her sammich too.

  • ?


  • booya

    we get it, you really really really like downtown.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    The other chick in #11 looks do-able!

  • Lawz

    Call me July, as I’ll be happy to come right behind her.

  • Danny

    she looks like harold from harold and kumar.

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