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Half Swedish, half Japanese. Chivers, meet June (17 Photos)

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june sexy chive 16 Half Swedish, half Japanese. Chivers, meet June (17 Photos)

Let’s start with the basics here. Her name is June and she’s 21 year-old. June currently lives in San Francisco working as a model and a waitress however she claims she’d like to eventually retire in Hawaii after having a successful career as a detective. As with most of the girls we post here, June is surprisingly funny as hell despite her scorching hotness, which is nice. She’s at your mercy now, Chivers. Personally, any Swede-Japanese hybrid who takes her clothes off for our humble site is alright in my book. Enjoy…

  • Kyle Davidson

    needs some fake titties

  • Ted

    she looks like a trany!

  • PistolHwhipped

    Didn't know Leno was Swedish??

  • Scott

    Japanesish, I rikey!!!

  • Victam


  • Dave

    Half Swedish, half Japanese, all guy…

  • Paul

    Help! June stole my heart!

  • Tyler Wilson

    Dont You Do IT Chive

  • Psymon Gallows

    #15 Chive, keep them.

  • Charlie

    Eh. Nice tush and she seems friendly. But not really my cup of tea.

  • qwerty1184

    I bet she likes anal

  • OMG

    Ew! She looks like a tranny. Freal. Have you seen a mix of Japanese to brazilian? Google Meisa Kuroki. Girl is hot as hell!!!

  • Robert Breckenridge

    why the long face

  • Always Last


  • McWhitey

    If she was full white she'd be a looker. Go blondes and blue eyes…even if it's the trailer trash kind, you're better than any slant eyes.

  • plucker


  • Steveo

    Butter face

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