Half Swedish, half Japanese. Chivers, meet June (17 Photos)

june sexy chive 16 Half Swedish, half Japanese. Chivers, meet June (17 Photos)

Let’s start with the basics here. Her name is June and she’s 21 year-old. June currently lives in San Francisco working as a model and a waitress however she claims she’d like to eventually retire in Hawaii after having a successful career as a detective. As with most of the girls we post here, June is surprisingly funny as hell despite her scorching hotness, which is nice. She’s at your mercy now, Chivers. Personally, any Swede-Japanese hybrid who takes her clothes off for our humble site is alright in my book. Enjoy…

  • exexec

    She’s a very attractive girl, appears to have quite a bit of class, not to mention she has some of the best legs captured on film in awhile. I’m cracking up at the comments from the keyboard jockeys, though. Get out of mom’s basement, quit yanking to pics of porn stars and re-learn what real women actually look like. If I were single I would be proud to be seen with this one.

    • legit

      yep. i totally realize that there are hotter girls than June, but any man would be proud/happy to be with her….anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves.

      • Nateb123

        Some of us have standards. There are still plenty of women left for me to choose from but none of them are bundles of skinny mediocrity. If this doesn’t look like an “okay” girl to you, maybe that’s a sign of what you’re willing to settle for. Your low standards don’t make the rest of us unreasonable for wanting more.

        • jeff in Australia

          I want to be rich and handsome.. but wanting and getting…..?
          I’ve settled on being content.
          And I would be very content if she would look at me more than once.

  • acash

    hott. hhnf, hot

    • HellHathNoFury

      Please tell me that acash does not mean Austin Cash, my sister’s Texan boyfriend. I’d have to kill you.

      • Yo Mama

        Hhnf is much hotter (i think). Maybe if she would send me some damn pictures I could confirm this for sure

  • L

    I’m actually a girl and honestly don’t find her masculine face attractive in the least. Her eyes are pretty, she’s got perfect hair, a nice smile, but her face isn’t all that great.

    Her body is perfect though, and more-likely than not she’ll have beautiful children and age well…she just won’t ever be “hot” to me =/

  • L

    So skinny automatically indicates CLASSY?
    lulz. I scoff =P

    There are many large-breasted or “curvy” women that look classy as long as they don’t show too much.

  • Hannah

    Eurasian girls only ever go two ways, either they turn out ridiculously good-looking with only the good traits of each ethnicity or, I know this sounds odd, but or they turn out greasy-haired, gangly and with a very gender-ambiguous face. This girl is obviously the latter, but she makes the best out of it and kudos for that. Oh, and her chin is huge and the fact that she dresses like a hooker shows that she’s high-maintenance and insecure.

    • Gene

      aaaaand your post shows that you’re just a worthless piece of fucking shit. Stop being an anonymous hater bitch and go elsewhere to find something more meaningful to do.

      • Nateb123

        Hannah’s not being a hater, what she says is just fact.

        June’s dressed the way she is for attention. It’s not like she thinks she’s going to find a guy she’ll love. She wants validation in the form of getting looks, blowing guys off and getting laid. Anyone who needs validation from external sources (kind of like flipping out on other folks on the internet and expecting to look good because of it) isn’t getting it from their self and thus is insecure.

        • Ken

          LOL fact based on what… these pics?

          Well here’s where mine’s based on = I actually know of this girl and she’s been with her high school sweet heart for years. She does not actually dress like that in real life. only for modeling photoshoots. This girl is a sweetheart too, works hard in school and always volunteering. Remember her always talking about how she wants to help troubled people. I called Hannah a hater bitch because of what she had assumed.

          • Agreed

            How do you know June? I’m really curious. Thats awesome by the way!! Definitely a fan.

            • Nateb123

              I’ve spent enough time around beautiful women to judge them at a glance. And any woman with a head on her shoulders is 10x better than most men are at noticing the little things. I say fact because it truly is. I’m not shittin you. It’s just that I’ve spent a decade learning to know people’s stories before I say “Hello”. Isn’t it perhaps possible that I might have some insight into what she’s like that you don’t, if only from a couple pictures?

              Just remember: if your answer is “No, you can’t know anything I don’t” then you’d be engaging in the same falsehood you accuse me and Hannah of.

  • Nobody

    Don’t think she’s very attractive, but to each his own.

    Swedish and Japanese sure is an interesting combination, I can’t imagine there are many people with that particular mix.

  • papabear

    I have it on good authority that she is a dude.

  • ButtTurds

    she’s a bit of a two-face.. some pictures her face looks pretty great, and some just look really bad. but other than that, the body is smokin.

  • Yo Mama


  • Ken

    Wow some of you are just downright NASTY!

    JUNE If you are reading this, don’t worry about these losers!

    You’re beatiful.

  • Ken


  • gene

    gotta agree w/ Ken

    I hate how ppl think it’s ok to be anonymously bitchy. theyd never say all this shit if it were personal. she may not be perfect but is still dam sexy for an ordinairy (sp?) girl. Seems to be a very sweet gal too, with a lot going for her life. i may not be the smartest but i think it’s fucked up to leave bitch comments! for real, don’t worry about these losers june, if you’re reading this, youve definitely got it goin! keep up the good work girl

    • Agreed

      June, if your’e reading this, I find you totally hot as hell and am sorry about the anonymous haters, lol. Seriously,

  • stuley

    RLY xD

    • haha

      TMI! But yea, if i wernt at work i might be doing the same, lol. SEXY

  • darkmagician

    she isn’t cute in the face, especially that hook nose, and she just comes across as a total slut, not sexy, just easy. then again, the losers that frequent the chive aren’t looking for REAL women, just something they can fap to

    • mastodon311

      fuck you, fat fucking faggot magician

  • yeahimadick

    she’s almost doable in the pics where you don’t notice her enormous chin, but that’s like the last skank left at the end of the party, seriously

  • SAK

    He’s definitely a tranny.

  • I wouldn't lie.

    "She" is actually a tranny. I saw him on a tranny web site that I accidentally entered and spent a couple hours logged into. His name is Marvin Lebowitz. He lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which has by far more trannys than any other American city. Marvin makes a sweet living modeling as a tranny and doing tranny porn.

  • skepticalhippo

    She's got a face made for radio.

  • phatboycustoms

    Who is this?????

  • skizzle

    She could stand to eat a sandwich or 40.

  • mith

    I thought she had a twig and berries tucked there for a while. The retarded duck lips confirmed she actually had a vagina. #11

  • Derp

    I didn't know that they made Asians this ugly.

  • warlock

    she looks like a hooker…in most photos anyway..

  • John

    I'd like to have sex with her

  • Dazza

    Wonder if she has any South African in her… Or if she'd like some…

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