If cars were playmates, Monaco would be the mansion (29 Photos)

  • JessieBear23

    Oh my… *drool*

  • bktscrambler

    We stopped in Monaco last summer while on our honeymoon cruise. This brings me back! Thanks, Chive!

  • top dog

    You notice how in all the other pictures the COP’s are looking at the cars, yet in #12 one is writing a ticket….for the Ford. Hmmmmm!! I wonder why?

    • vitorla

      That would be a hotel valet, not a cop.

      • top dog

        Really? What is he doing, writing a ticket for the ford?

        • Big Tuna

          Is that a land rover? My guess would be that there aren’t many fords pulling up to that hotel.

        • vitorla

          I’m sure he’s writing a valet ticket for the car. Cops in Monaco don’t wear beige.

  • vitorla

    It’s true. I’ve been there. It’s even more ridiculous at night.

  • Mattythegooch

    What, no ’87 Fiero??

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’m going to use my years of mechanical and automotive experience to point out that 26 totally looks like it’s whistling.

  • Brandon

    Parking ticket on #6

  • Matt

    only in my dreams…

  • schnit123

    If you go, I’d definitely recommend stopping by Prince Ranier III’s car collection museum (yes, they stuck a bunch of his cars in a museum). Hard to say what the most badass thing there was, the Lamborghini Countach 500 was pretty righteous, but I couldn’t get over the fact that he owned two F1 racers.

  • Edgardo Berraz

    So much luxus,fill my soul with an indescriptible desire to go there ,but being a normal midle class citizen,better stay in my home,and flight with my dreams and then I’m a participant in the way of life.

  • Nateb123

    #3 Never liked the SLR much but the 722 is one sexy bitch.
    #9 A one-off Rolls Royce Hyperion Drop Top. Didn’t even know someone had bought it. It’s designed by Pininfarina by the way.
    #26 The last Bugatti made before the Veyron, the EB110

    This collection is sorely lacking a Lambo LP550-2 and LP670-4 SV though. Not as expensive as a Veyron but so much cooler. The Koenigsegg CCX is probably my favorite here.

    • exexec

      EB110 was a great car, my favorite of the group. But the interiors were sort of disappointing. Still, you’re not exactly buying those cars for the cupholders…

  • slutifer

    the eb110 was my dream car when i was a kid. nowadays i would get the koenigsegg, it looks super scary and youre not gonna see it on every corner.

  • jeff in Australia

    As beautiful as they are, I would rather have the awful lot of money they cost

  • hoovus

    Couldn’t agree more with the title. The 3 days I was in Monaco I spent most the time in front of the Monte Carlo watching the cars go by. I think its a great way to spend every waking daylight hour.

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