Hot Right Now: Ol’ pony and Mustang gals for your Tuesday (59 Photos)

If wires could talk (13 Photos)

  • bbbbbeaver

    #1: Cereal Killer? sorry guys, i had to do it…

  • Alverca

    #12: Disgusting. Not the image, but the glasses. Those nose-pads are loaded with face cheese. Ick, the artist needs to wash his flippin’ face occasionally.

    • showtownman

      Yo’, artist probably picked them up at some junk shop. Lighten up.

  • fortinet

    OMG i love these photos

  • LadyBodom

    i love the candy corn one

  • bubble_rider86

    greatness has been achieved today……..=D

  • kleete

    Fantastic! I now fear Zombie Peanuts.

  • MichaelGS

    shakespeare peanut FTW anybody?

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  • LeTruc

    These are really masterpieces! I love them all, this humour! Wonderful! Are there some more? ;-))

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