Daily Afternoon Randomness

  • bowhuntpa

    turtles rule

  • Frearthandox

    omg I remember 24! Want!

    • Irwin109

      Ditto, they were awesome, I think those things were a regular meal a day for me as a kid!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Any real NES fan knows about the bushes and clouds. Best represent.
    Club sandwiches, not soul-sucking sealios!
    I’ll take some fresh forest air with a hint of moss and mud, kthx.

    • HellHath NoLife


  • cavemanlawyer

    The dog with sidecars made my day.

    Also, those spaghettios look delicious! I think I used to eat those things back in like ’88, probably still taste the same.

  • bubble_rider86


  • Analton

    WTF is that in pic #7????

    • HellHathNoFury

      The loverly lips of a humpback whale.

      • Robi5150

        Kirstie Alley out for a swim

        • kleete

          A giant whale turd and apparently the guy wants to take a big bite.

      • HellHath NoLife

        that's your fat ass

  • P-90

    6# Sadly you can probably buy these in California.

  • big dog

    That cat in #23 look really pissed.

  • tramdoc

    i dont get # 21 … shitty nes art? have that game is crappy repeated art the whole game…?

    • tramdoc

      ** half

  • http://schango.wordpress.com schango

    #17 makes no sense at all. how can a wild woman posses “wanted”?

    • Anonymous

      Woman is

  • Jose Biscuits

    Here’s Johnnnnnnnnaaaaayyyyy

  • FurylessInSeattle

    Here is a funny video version of Pic 1…

  • Chef_Tony

    #14 that pic is so old…

    #18 is hilarious, always makes me think of the joke i heard the other day:
    “So, a seal walks into a club…”

  • Darren J

    #8 – I work with that girl! Her name is Lucy. And the coati is called Bertie.

  • Brandon

    #11 – i came
    #12 – i came again

  • modianos

    i dont get 21

  • b.e.y.s.

    #8 “err… u r writing it wrong”

  • kleete

    #15 Foreword by Ron Jeremy. Tiger’s next book “It Burns When I Pee” foreword by Kid Rock.

  • jeff in Australia

    #14 made me laugh.

  • :))

    Romania rullz ( NOT ) , if i was the presindent of this country, i’ll sell it for 10 cents.

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