Pleeeeeese come DJ my party (10 Photos)

*Her name is Mari Ferrari in case you wondered. And if theCHIVE wasn’t your favorite site in all the land, here you go. That link ‘aint safe for you’re workplace and you’re welcome.

  • charlesvegas

    first! and glad to be here. nice DJ

  • DrOoo

    I saw an ex-playmate DJ’ing and not only was she hot she was really good.

    Chive should do a hot DJ’s of the world entry.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Was that DJ or BJ… because my mind occasionally wanders that way

  • at work

    chive should do a post on the topless dj..forgot her name though, but that’s what they call her

    • garp

      …here here, in fact I support a ‘topless @ any job’ thread

    • looch

      topless dj = nikki belucci, ex stripper turn DJ – yeh she gets her gear off

      i dj too 🙂 😀 – not as hot as this bird though!

  • Rusty

    She sexy.

  • randomness

    I like the last pic….nothing like some boobs hanging in the open air right

  • aaron

    meh i seen men better looking than her

    • randomness

      if you are not a chick i have some bad news…..

  • Chef_Tony

    reminds me of nikki belucci and her very european way of djing.
    europe ftw

  • DJ Tameil Interview: SXSW 2010

    […] dj mari ferrari theCHIVE […]

  • jaded

    Oh look, she’s hot AND can do stuff!


  • top dog

    Well, she can spin my dual balls of steel anyday…I mean dual WHEEL’S of steel. Yes yes, thats it.

  • jeff in Australia

    Bad enough she has disfigured her torso with a silly tattoo, but to get stars tattooed where her nipples used to be is just plain outrageous…..!
    I’m outraged.!
    I know I know I know…!
    I’m still outraged about her midriff..

  • mad_rass

    she is hotttt..last pic was the best.. check out this topless dj named portia surreal.. she is very hot man….

  • richard


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