Whatever happened to lamps just providing light? (17 Photos)

  • The Blue Fox

    could I on my first try be numero uno ?

  • MichaelGS

    #2 is an emo’s best friend

    • yo

      how does number 2 even produce light :s

  • MichaelGS

    everytime an emo cuts himself God turns on a light somewhere

    • slutifer

      thats hella expensive

      • MichaelGS

        but its the real reason behind light pollution and global warming im afraid. Al gore got it wrong

  • TheRealSnowman

    #15 me wants!!

  • mai

    can i have #6

  • youdummy

    Razor blade lamp is cutting edge.

  • jeff in Australia

    Art I like…
    Thank you for this illuminating post..

  • Bob

    #6 and #17 are totally awesome. Especially #17.

  • LeGaucher

    Who makes these?

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