Airplane flares sort of blow my mind (14 Photos)

  • aaron

    some of those are helicopters = fail

    • yeahsure

      I knew some twat would have to point that out,the “first” twat and all! You’re a fucking trombloid!

      • Mustafa_Beer

        I think you are insulting Tromboloids everywhere….

        • yeahsure

          You are correct sir! You’re a trombloid also…there is no second o in trombloid…

          • yeahsure

            Wadda you know,im a trombloid too,there is a second o….just not a third one

          • JK

            Are you trying to be ironic? If not, look at the word again and count the o’s

            • JK

              Uh, can you delete these posts? I seem to be a trombloid as well.

            • Joey

              WTF is a trombloid?? If theres one thing I hate about the internet, no not interwebs dumb asses, its when prepubescent punks make up stupid ass words to feel cool. You’re arguing on how to spell a word that doesnt even exist! Heres a word for you – pathetic

            • yeahsure

              Joey is a very big trombloid,he should have a trombloid tattoo on his forehead…trombloid

            • Robi5150

              Lloyd plays a trombone?

  • NEDM

    AC-130 is above

    • Naveen

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  • Slimey

    I was on the C-17 leading the ones in pics 2 and 10 … shot over Eglin AFB in florida in 1993/1994 … bad ass plane … miss working on it …

  • Frearthandox

    So….what’s the purpose of the flares?

    • Brandon

      I believe they’re used to throw off incoming heat seeking missiles. But i am basing this on Modern Warfare 2.

      “ENEMY AC130 IN THE AIR!”

      • JK

        Yeah, that’s exactly right. I don’t know if they’re used for anything else now. It’s been a long time.

    • epyon

      the purpose is the same for the various flares…to confuse incoming missiles whether they are SAMs’ or AAs’…if they are heat seeking missiles then the flares are usually slow burning but with high temp to dwarf the infrared signature of the plane…others are usually small tin or aluminium fragments sometimes in honeycomb shape to confuse laser guided ones….again what this does is generate a larger overall surface area that the missile picks ups and considers the plane insignificant

      • JK

        Uh, sure. We used to refer to those pieces of tin foil as ‘chaff’ instead of ‘flares’. But like i said, it’s been a long time. Maybe they don’t differentiate anymore.

  • Lunchbox

    The flares are counter measures for AA fire. Often thought of as “Angels of Death” the AC-130’s got the name from the smoke trails from their flares looking like angels wings.

  • rcjaos

    that’s wicked awesome.

  • garp

    …the AF is totally missing the opportunity to add some red and blue smoke in the mix, how facking cool would that be?!

  • Weezy

    America……Fuck Yeah!

  • Ken

    Said in your best Sean Connery voice, “Releash the counter-meashures, pleash.”

  • :))

    they destroy ozone layer for amusement of some people who enjoys this kind of show for 10 minutes and air is destroyed for ever

    • winston002

      goddamned enviromentalist idiot. first off, i seem to remember something about not being able to create or destroy matter. you can only convert to energy with biproducts, in this instance the conversion is seen as white heat with the biproduct of smoke, or C02. now lets suspend our disbelief long enough to imagine that there are measures in place ( for this exersize we will call them plants) that acually need C02 to live.

      secondly, naturaul oxygen saturation in air is about 20.5% most of air is comosed of nitrogen, with thank god, we all amitt.

      thirdly, you make no mention of the fossil fuel the plane is burning. by that logic its ok to fly a 61 ton air craft just as long as they dont burn flaires right?

      in short, you remind me of that idiot holding that sign that says “Who needs gas? I ride the bus.”

      go home and die.

      • Underhill

        I met the bus idiot. While drinking coffee and eating a banana he rants that the US does
        not need imports and can produce everything we want.
        Also, I am thinking the slow burning type flares, particular the parachute type, do a heckuva
        job illuminating a battlefield.

  • Underhill

    BTW, trombloid appears to be a real word meaning total waste of space, idiot, useful only
    for providing CO2 to the plants.

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