• Anonmouse

    If we wanted to be on Facebook, we’d be there but we’re not…WE”RE HERE!

    Just post the pics here.

  • Jimbo

    “…Facebook page to receive exclusive content” when I’m already on your site? WTF?
    That should be on a FAIL page all its own. Stupid, plain & simple.

  • bla


  • Russia

    great chive, any more ads on ur page i feel like there aren’t enough

  • Rick

    If I wanted FB, I would make one to go there… Chive SHOULD be CHIVE….

  • Hans

    Pleuris facebook gelul.

    • Simpson

      helemaal mee eens!

  • santana

    the chive es mejor que facebook!!

  • Pants

    So i have to click on each individual pic to see them? I disapprove.

  • Steve

    The Facebook thing is lame.. Not everyone can access FB at work…

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