Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • bowhuntpa

    bunk-bed slide!!!!!!!!

  • Mu$£

    is number 7 for real?!

    • squooshy

      Yep her arms really are that flabby

    • Chris

      It’s part of a museum. A house that’s build completely updside down. To be opened sometime soon, 30th March or April.

  • stafferty

    #17 Best walk of shame ever

  • hitman219

    #26 made me lol!!!

    • exexec

      The first 2,631,719 times I saw it on this site, I did too. But No. 2,631,720 was just once too often.

  • Nagrom


    Yup I agree with that 110%.

    I’m amazed the 82% result wasn’t in Polish LOL

    • Anonymous

      your a racist

      • Anonymous

        Yup I agree 110% – extremely racist.

        You must be in a backward town – def not in London with that attitude.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with what? That there England is a multicultural country?

      Your a redneck.

      I’m surprised you can read.

      • Anonymous

        OMG are you for real?

    • Anonymous

      The pic is meant to be so wrong its funny. It taking the piss out of people who actually agree with it – especially by 110%.

  • Angus

    I’m almost never offended by anything but something about #20 bothers me. Am I the only one?

    • Anonymous

      same here

      • Aaron Cobb

        Shes really hot.
        She will grow up to be a raging hottie

        • HellHathNoFury

          An Hero now, aaron.

          • kleete

            Gotta start the tramps young, she probably has Paris Hiltons Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset from SouthPark.

            • Big Bob

              Most likely it’s one of those temporary tattoos that kids can buy for 50 cents at the pizza place. If not, her parents should be shot.

            • mook

              This is a given that most people hate predators and child molesters and we think they should be shot on sight… Then we also let people do things like this. Start them young? Why don’t you go shoot your self if you say shit like that. Sitting around joking about having sex with children? God damn retards.

              This reminds me of when I contacted my aunt and said “Do you realize you sent a email to me that was supposed to be a joke but it was a picture of a little Chinese boy naked, full frontal nudity, and the kid had to be around 5 years old or younger?” There is no ‘fine line’ with this crap, its a picture of a naked child.

              As for #20 if you see someone whoring their child like this, take a stand and say something to the parent. If they say something like ‘my kid, my parenting’ then reply, don’t give up, just come back with ‘what parenting’, it is simple tell them and show them they are stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Your not the only one in that boat Angus, there is something wrong with a 6 year old with a tatoo (in that area no less)

  • garp

    …#8 is captured right at the moment of ‘ukliq-lulok-pu’ which is inuit for ‘my-kayak-is-full-of-shit’

  • Rusty

    #14…..what kind of Stormtrooper carries a light saber?

    • Big Bob

      A bad ass one…. duh!!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I think 28 is shopped……

    • jeff in Australia

      Don’t you mean shipped…?

      • HellHathNoFury

        I can tell by the pixsails.

        • jeff in Australia

          I think your thinking is all wet. You should get in your CARandGO ship out and sea an eyeeye doctor, next time they have a sail.
          Sorry.. not my best but…..
          It’s still early here, I get better as I wake and my brain becomes more anchored.

          • HellHathNoFury

            You’d better get Kraaken on that grog.

            • vitorla

              It is better to sea that aye aye doctor schooner rather than freighter. You don’t want to sea an ox-eye piping the side of your poop-deck.

            • jeff in Australia

              Can’t take a punt on the grog till the sun rises above the yardarm.
              Don’t want to be keelhauled, and then tide to the rails and be flogged by the swinging cat.
              (she doesn’t really but it sort of fits.!)

            • P-90

              You all better stop these stupid boat puns or you’ll get a stern warning.

            • jeff in Australia

              Did you hear that…. A shot across our bows warning from a tramp named P90 who is steaming. I for one am pulling up anchor and sailing for calmer waters, no point stirring up the natives, remember Capt. Cook…. !

  • ZK

    That kid on chatroulette – is a little liar and has some attitude.
    I came across him last night on chatroulette. He told me he was 12 (yeah right), he was very polite however. When I commented on the Toronto Maple Leafs stuff in the background (i’m from Toronto), he told me he was from Montana (and that it was his brothers room). In fact, thinking about it – the room looked EXACTLY the same. Must be a video feed, not a real kid. That’s my bet.

    • MattyWestside

      Do you still put cookies out for Santa?

    • Brandon

      Hate to tell you buddy, but 95% of stuff on Chatroulette is fake/trolling.

      • aluminum

        If you notice, the kid is the “you”
        which means the kid was the one who sent the screenshot in.
        which is just someones attempt to make this kid a “webstar”

  • norm

    20’s parents should be locked up, set free and then shot to death in the parking lot.

    • jeff in Australia

      Do trailer parks have car parks…?

  • huh

    #6 – Na’vi style oral action

  • big dog

    The kiddie pic’s are always funny, #5 especially. #20 is not funny at all. If thats a real tat on that kid, that have got to be one of the worst case of non-parenting I’ve ever seen. That is stupid. Normally I don’t care about this sort of thing, but lately thtre have a lot of cases of non-parenting.

  • JamJam

    Is number 8 being eaten by a whale?
    Because if he is, he’s so F’ed.

  • P-90

    #18 I always knew they were evil.
    #24 It’s not funny because it’s true.
    #29 Seeing as the universe made a spare could I borrow it for the weekend.

  • Burn the dyke destroy 'er clit smash 'er tits!!

    Angus: You’re not alone cunt!!. Yet I find 20 very fucking sexy cos I’m a pedophile and like girls between 10 and 14.
    If you’re one (or know one) and wanna spend some great time just let me know I want to break yer pelvis. All races and nationalities just let ’em be little and sexy and let us pedos be ya cunts. Cunts. Cunts

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