Cars amuse me so (14 Photos)

  • RocknRollDr.

    There is no way in hell that #10 or #6 are functional. #10 doesn’t seem to have a driveshaft, and 6 couldn’t turn.

    The last picture on the other hand, if fucking awesome.

    • RocknRollDr.

      Sorry, just saw that #6 has real tires on it, the other tires are just leaned up against it or something, not actual working tires.

  • youdummy

    camel tow?

    • B


  • Maynard

    #14 is way cool. Where is that?

  • Rick

    LOVE the tunnel!!!!! Where is that??!!!!!

  • Fail Rater

    #7 the guy just put bigger wheels infront of the regular wheels. you can even see the shadow of the back one behind the big wheel. GaWD

  • Fail Rater

    err #6

  • Fail Rater

    tunnel is also photoshop’d

  • forge

    #3 WANT. Especially if all that “frosting” is actually functional and not just bolted-on chrome bullcrap.

  • kleete

    Mazda Miatas only kill a guys manhood.

    • Vrye Denker

      Amen to that. Real Mazdas have rotors.

  • jeff in Australia

    #11… Ms. Hell’s bus…?

  • Nateb123

    #12 Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Some soccer mom with a BMW SUV is probably STILL driving around with that thing attached…

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