Winter sports of yesteryear (17 Photos)

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  • Mustafa_Beer

    Having done the same as #4, except behind a quad, I don’t know if it qualifies still as Yesteryear..

    • Confucius

      Has to be horse, definitely a horse… Ostrage would be better. They didn’t have quads back then

  • Jay

    #11 = Real life Bullet Bill

  • Mattythegooch

    #5 is a impressive

  • Brandon

    #2 – is that orphan racing?

  • Uncle_Scrotor

    #7. With Oliver Hardy steering the bobsled, hilarity will soon ensue.

  • Robi5150

    I would KILL to see a video of #6 & #7. Both look like they could easily result in major head trauma and compound fractures!

  • Paola

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