10 gifs to cure your current hangover

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  • jeff in Australia

    Or give you one..?
    Particularly #1.
    Liked the very cool “crash “guys non reaction..

  • Mustafa

    LMAO @ 2

  • Jaroff

    #9 has to be Bosnia or abouts. I love his non-reaction.

    • Mare

      it’s Croatia

  • CharlesDarwin

    #1 has no hesitation. When the zombie hordes finally roam the streets, I want this guy on my team. 🙂

    • joelinsanclemente

      You are 100% correct.

  • Big Bob

    I wish #6 went a bit longer…what the hell happened next?

    Hell of a snag by #3!

    • Turds

      i’ve seen the clip from #6 on tv.. unfortunately the tiger doesn’t rip the guy’s face off. makes me wish i was a tiger for a few days. :]

      and yeah, #3 is awesome.. animals are incredible.

  • Hedonist

    #9 is Croatia but you were close 🙂

  • Frearthandox

    #9 – Real Life version of Bill from Left 4 Dead? That’s how I imagine Bill reacting to something like that…

  • ozzie

    haha #8 got WHACKED.That freakin tiger is crazy!

  • at work

    #6 is freakin scary

  • JK

    #6, he takes a full tiger paw to the crotch if you look close. I wish it was longer.

  • JK

    Just found 6 on youtube if you search. Doesn’t show much more, but it’s the guys hand the tiger hits and apparently he lost 3 fingers.

  • top dog

    #1 show’s you, you can’t pull pranks on everybody, somebody can get hurt, case and point.
    #3, 6. Cats are some of the best hunters on this planet, big ones and small ones.

    • Mark

      1 punch zombie knockout makes your argument invalid.

  • Yo Mama

    #1- typical black person…violence come as instinct….ask questions later.

    • HusslinHoosier

      Typical internet loser. Talks racist smack between smacking it to midget porn.

      • rustyroads

        No time for racists! But miget porn? I loves me some midget porn!

  • Ken

    Hope the bat wasn’t rabid.

    Hope that the Tiger wasn’t rabid (yeah, let’s intimidate an attacking tiger with a conductor’s wand).

    Hope the unflappable Croatian guy wasn’t rabid.

    Hope the sheepdog IS rabid.

    We all know Nicolas Cage is rabid and beyond hope….

  • Grey

    #6 is simply epic, the almost graceful ‘slow-mo’ lunge, and you just know someone’s shit is going to be ruined.

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  • A-Ron

    #9 has balls of iron, smoking a cigarette and watching a car flip past his face.

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  • Leo

    Nic Cage FTW!

  • onemm

    TheChive did it first kids

  • booyah

    cat catching the bat
    you are my hero
    cat catching the bat
    even better than nero

  • Always Last


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