Daily Afternoon Randomness (28 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    No wonder Ashley Tisdale is so effed up. 23 and 27 are probably just the coolest things ever. So, uh, wutt's rong wit teh mapp?

    • HellHathNoFury

      oh, and FARCED!!! *does happy dance, trips over shoelace*

    • jeff in Australia

      Be careful what you say in jest.. you, you, you, American…!

    • Silverstone

      I sincerely hope you have not been lobotomized to the point where that is how you do all of your spelling!

  • peteyroberto

    commenting so there is no first

  • peteyroberto


    • LOL

      Yesssssss Petey…that’s how you do a first…right up there…that HHNF girl did it right…lol! 😀 LOL

      #7…the girl on the left…forgive me for saying this but honey, you make that uniform look pretty good. Too bad the male soldier is hung up on the box…but then again…what man isn’t hung up on a box of some sort.

      :D’s at 11, 15 & 23. 😉

  • evilorstupid

    I’ve never seen anyone as happy as #9 to be a perpetual virgin.

  • at work

    #6 probably got a proken arm

  • doctorteef

    hovercat rules!

  • Kim

    #21 is freaky as hell

  • Nicnac

    might I just say… this is possibly the funniest randomness collection ever.

  • http://misainzig.wordpress.com misainzig

    The guy in 9 is cooler than everyone here combined ever had the potential to be.

  • gonzomania

    #20, dude who made that can go suck his trannie daddie’s pecker.

    • Chris Lawrence

      so you pretty much prove him right…..knob

  • acash

    want to see HHNF naked

    • HellHathNoFury

      Just remember that what has been seen cannot be unseen.

      • HellHathNoFury'sDad

        Yeah…She has a pecker and some gnarly fuzzy kiwi fruit sized balls! It haunts my dreams…

        • jeff in Australia

          Are you suffering from a total lack of imagination.?
          Or do you have a too vivid an imagination.?

  • EA

    funny how in Americans view the world Central America doesn’t even exist ha ha.

    • MichaelGS

      its funny because its true 😀

      lol @ yurop

  • jeff in Australia

    #20… Sadly, us, “the rest of the world” do find that a lot of Americans think like this…

  • Uncle_Scrotor

    #27 reminds me of fun times in 1986.

  • Jon

    #10 = crazy aweswome

  • JessieBear23

    #4 her legs look fucked up
    #5 aww water bears are so cute!
    #10 lol

  • Kee

    #16 the outline along those isles off the coast of Italy look like a wang! CANNOT UNSEE!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    In mother Russia, we chain our prisoners to weapons, just so we have an excuse to shoot them.

  • effemel

    acash brings up a very good point for the randomness of this collection, if HHNF is as sexy as she is witty she would make for a damn fine Chive post.

    itsa ME a Mario ~~~~~~~>

    • HellHathNoFury

      Thanks for the sentiment, but I’m made purely of stretch marks and bitter snark. That’s not what girls are supposed to be made of.

  • Steve

    Thanks to whomever posted the Tisdale sign, been looking for that one for awhile. I used to live near there and didn’t think to take a picture of the sign before they changed it.

  • Dom

    #9 CoCo and Richter had a love child.

  • lenka1234

    # 20 🙂

  • Brandon

    I had that same Joker shirt when i was younger. Except that I was probably 10, whereas that guy is just pathetic.

  • Alan

    Zebra is clearly going for the rear naked choke. Duh

  • Anonymous

    # 5 Moss Piglet ftw

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