Emo guys, you look like a girl. Knock it off (20 Photos)

  • Aficion

    Okay, some of these guys look like girls, but alot of them (like most of the guys in the 2nd photo) look like… well… guys with longer bangs. Why is everyone so down on these guys? You could always stop being so judgemental. Remember, there are people out there that think you look like a twat too.

    • God

      Right there. Why can’t people get so passionately upset over things that matter? Let them wear their silly outfits. I’m sure in most of the mens’ tiny brains who complain about this, these guys dressing like women makes it easier for them to look like a MANLY MAN for all the women.

  • Maddog

    Seriously? Why is everyone so pissed? The chive usually posts pics of cute chicks, in fact it’s my favorite part of my work da….. OHHHHHHH!!!! UGH!!! ICKY!!!! I forgot to read the title! OOHHHHH I have a bad taste in my mouth.

    Need…to..find…picture…of…bia and branca….freres! Only….hope….!!

  • Kim

    #3 pretty much looks like my ex-girlfriend.
    and #16 is clearly a chick.

  • Nicnac

    has it occurred to anyone that they WANT to look like girls? Look at emo guys and girls together… they look the same… just like goth couples…

  • umxyeahh

    i kind of wanna do #17…. … >.>

  • cassy

    #4 and #16 are unconvincing. I totally think they’re females.

  • Anonymous

    that guy would really be good looking if it wasnt for that cock in his mouth…

  • Wikus.the Dickus

    OH the Humanity!!!!

  • Uncle_Scrotor

    Sad thing was, halfway through, I was starting to think that some of those girls were looking kinda hot, then I remembered they were (sorta) dudes.

  • SAK

    Recently I was at a party where there was an emo and it spent the whole night working the party looking for a cock to suck in exchange for either coke or X.

  • someoneelse

    cut their balls of first because they are pussies and second so we dont risk having them reproduce

  • nouu

    we all hate them yes but lets be honest, there pulling more tale than most of us.

  • nouu


  • Jay

    Somewhere, there are fathers crying…

  • SreyaNotfilc

    *shakes head* Teenagers, lol. In my time, we had Goths. At least they had some bite to them.

  • Ummm

    Did anyone notice that #5’s shirt says “I’m a sucker for a guy in eyeliner.” Someone needs to set these idiots on fire.

  • P-90

    Oh for fucks sake could somebody please track these douchebags and slap the idiocy out of them.

  • Me

    Ok guess that means I’m a little into girls because 11 and 17 are kinda hot ^^

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    […] “Emo” started out innocently enough like all teen fads:  Some bad music, some stupid graphic T-Shirts, and some stupid haircuts.  But now we’ve crossed the boundary into sexual ambiguity. […]

  • jeff in Australia

    Al of you guys above should stop being so mean and unkind…..
    You’ll make them cry, their make up will run and then how will you feel…?

    • jeff in Australia

      l sorry dropped one earlier

  • the joe

    some of those chicks would be cute if they had any kind of body…
    or even the will to live…

  • gaatha

    Are they chicks with flat chest?

  • jb

    omg i can´t understand how people can look like this …. hate ..

  • asian dude

    wahaha they look so alike my friend’s friend’s gay Manga

  • ChaChaHeels

    It is amazing how something like long hair on a few teen-age boys can cause so many other (alleged) males to become so completely devoid of testosterone that they have become violent to feel like they have any balls at all.

    Why does getting a hard-on make so many men think of slapping people, setting people on fire, and “forbidden” sex?

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