Emo guys, you look like a girl. Knock it off (20 Photos)

  • dt520

    i never thought i’d say that emos were better than something, but guido douchebags managed to usurp the throne.

    at least most of the emos just dressed that way, it was a much smaller group that acted all emo. almost all male oompa loompa douches act like such.

  • Shmade

    not all of these dudes are really emo- they just have longish hair, a few of them.
    they still look kinda girly though.

  • Bob

    I hate my eyes for not looking away from these dick heads.

  • pargelenis


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  • ashleyauthor

    i wish my eyeliner looked as good as those guys’ does.

  • LOL

    Funny how mad people get when you say america is full of redneck white trash. Guess what? it is.Lots and lots of it. And man shouldnt you be proud with all this and the evergrowing problem of children having children. Only in the USA.

  • Jaybee

    I’m a lesbian but hot damn. I’m really tempted to say I would do these guys, especially the ones with makeup.

  • Rachel

    Actually these are SCENE guys, not EMO. there is a difference. A lot of them do look like fags though…but scene fags…

  • http://www.facebook.com/heberc Heber Coll

    "Bring wood and oil." -Denethor of Ecthelion

  • meme

    leave them alone! for god sakes! your acting like a bunch of kids that has a problem with what they eat for dinner.. what have emos ever done to you HUH!? nothing! if they want to look like that just accept it! god im tired of you idiots! swear to god keep dissing emos then i'll report you and thats a promise not a threat! so just bk off already!

    • sweatervest

      let me guess, you're emo haha. Watch out its about to get serious up in here! haha

  • smh

    16, 12, 10 for sure. Otherwise, you must not know what girls look like..

  • UserNameWTF

    where's Gaz Obscene, she's or he's i don't know rly, that guy looks like a girl

  • jkjkk

    One of the guys shirts actually says: Im a sucker for a guy in eyeliner

    GAY. GAY. GAY. so get over it.

  • Ms. M

    I much prefere that my men wear wife beaters, only have a 6th grade education and sit on he couch drinking beer all day. Ladies, are you with me? In 'merica, there is no such thing as society-enforced gender roles or any proof that more androgynous people have higher self-esteem or better relationships. Screw those queers, they're all going to hell anyways right? *looks for a pitchfork*

  • Mothafucka

    I wonder what happens to these *guys*(using word here lightly) go to jail or prison….

    • DareYa

      they find out being the only girl amongst a buch of desperate inmates… is not that fun.

  • L.Rise

    16, 11 and 4 are the only ones here who look androgynous.

  • Samantha

    #8 ❤ call me anytime

  • Bexter

    #10 is wearing a DGD t-shirt so he’s ok in my book lol! Other than that they all look extremely gay.

  • youraface

    You dudes are all such grumbly fukards haha! I mean come on they are mostly kids. Kids are doing something that older people dont like? HOLY SHIT IT MUST BE THE REVOLUTION! We all did stupid shit and looked funny trying to be goth, or wearing fannypacks. Let them be gender nuetral and pretty if they want, and "we called them GAY in the 80's" all that means is your still a bigot, but good on ya for sticking to your dumbfuckery mate! Im a young guy and "alternative" by standards and guess what, these dudes are not all gay, you wouldnt believe how not gay some of these dudes are, WAY not gayer than you ever will be! and the ones that are? gimme a call when your outta highschool 😉

  • iya

    i think boys who look like girls are sexi ……..they make me hard i would like to meet one and passionatly
    fuck them. you guys pretending to be haters you get hard too. ya just scared to admit it but ask yaself why are
    you lokin at these sexi boys/girls

  • Anonymous

    Look like some Fucking faggets

  • angel

    I agree don't even know y u guys r hateing on us like we fucking did anything to u

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