I bet these contraptions lasted a whole week (20 Photos)

  • nosferatu

    This reminds me of the movie Bananas.

    • Itsaguy

      Actually this is a test they are doing in the country in this office. They are trying to see if people would enjoy their day more being give more freedom to move about and also get exercise to find creative ways to help people lose weight and not just sit at their job all day even if thats what it may require. It was in the news a while back.

  • Uncle_Scrotor

    Why go outside and walk when you can do it indoors? Nasty fresh air and sunlight. At least the glow from the laptop screen will help keep them nice and pasty white.

    • ahha

      Scrotor – I think the point is that most of these people would otherwise just be sitting at a desk doing their work. This way they can exercise and get work done. You can’t walk outside and do your work.

  • garp

    …someone should invent a workstation that has a treadmill built into it so you can exercise while working, yeah

  • Thrush

    I built one of these to walk on my treadmill while playing WoW. Yes, it lasted one week.

    • P-90

      You chose ‘Thrush’ as a username, does that mean you’re an irritating cunt?
      Oooohhh is that Gina Careno?, me likey!.

      • Battleangel

        @ P-90. Thrush is a yeast infection you get in your mouth.

        • P-90

          The word is used by most people for the other kind as well.

  • Brandon

    Some of the women I work with could definitely use this in their offices

  • at work

    19 and 17 really need to use it

  • Rusty

    Seems like it’d take a LOT of coordination to type and walk at hte same time … not sure I could manage that one.

    • Jason

      People text and walk all the time, so its not to much of a difference once you train yourself to do it. muscle memory is a crazy.

  • niceguyted

    I want to see the one with the guy/gal wearing rollerblades and something propped against his ass to keep his body still.

  • mook

    I was going to say this sucked and was dumb bla bla.

    But look how many people are doing it, maybe they found something…

  • KCMonkey

    I play Call of Duty when I’m on the treadmill. Killing things takes my mind off how much I hate to exercise. So I guess it’s not much different.

  • Robi5150

    #5 and #17…who walks on a treadmill without shoes? I do this all the time. I put my laptop in the bookholding slot and play online poker for an hour or so. Works well.

  • Chris

    I can see this as something nice to have at work. I’d like it. BUT, only if I can easily fit my chair on the thing, or take away the bottom part when I’m done. Because one or two hours is nice, but having to STAND UP for 8 hours straight is not a fun thing.

  • Matt

    hey at least its a start

  • Cheet


  • Chris

    Well at least they work, check out #17, it’s clearly doing it for him!

  • Mr Quackers

    Number 1, 8 and 16 are actual products that the company I work for sells. The product is from Details and it’s called the Walkstation. Yep, would you have it that big companieswe have contracts with love them. And each one costs an expensive shiny penny in the thousands range, oh and did I mention they are oil companies, none to which I will name, yep, and our gas prices keep rising…..

  • Irwin109

    Standing up and using a computer is irritating enough without moving terrain under foot!

  • Smitty

    Not a bad idea actually. If you have work that has to be done, you might as well do this.

    As for WoW, QQ and go outside. The graphics are better.

  • Badang

    people should create dynamo treadmills that GENERATE free electricity to power the laptops

  • Jason

    there’s a company that builds one of these…http://www.woodway.com/desktreadmill/desktreadmill.html

  • James

    Wait, in the 1th picture. What does the guy need the box of tissues for? He walks on the treadmill and searches the web for… well you know what.

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