• top dog

    Meanwhile, in Finland It’s colder than a snowmans butt!!

  • top dog

    Meanwhile in Russia this old man is crazy as hell.

  • misainzig

    I do love these types of pictures.

  • bbbbbeaver

    there need to be more of these

  • jeff in Australia

    As an Australian I must protest. You are giving the world the totally wrong impression of this wide sun burnt land. There are a lot of things the world laughs at us about, our strange animals, our beaches and oceans full of things that can kill you, our accents, our time zones, our flag and a lot of other stuff… BUT… our cars are never that shiny…!

    • Crystal

      Oh I dunno… I just cleaned mine. HAH let’s see how long it lasts before it gets covered in a layer of dust/sand – I’m thinking half a day.

    • ERock0811

      I don’t laugh about Aussi accents, in fact I think an Aussi woman’s voice is damn near the sexiest thing in the world.

      • jeff in Australia

        Really…? Must be subliminal… no wonder I am horny all the time..

  • Meanwhile in America

    Un obes persen rolling up to Mc Donald on her scooter dressed in a American flag t-shirt whit a eagle on it…….

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