Add these two together for a beautiful lie (14 Photos)

  • Nstrdmes

    It's witchcraft i tell you! WITCHCRAFT!!!!!

    • HellHathNoFury

      But does she float? we could, perhaps, compare her weight to that of potatoes, very small rocks, wood or a duck.

      • Nstrdmes

        It’s your fault if I get turned into a newt over this.

        • HellHathNoFury

          I’ll make sure you’re an awesome motorcycle-hybrid newt.

      • B-Rad

        She turned me into a Newt!

        Your not a Newt…

        Well… I got betta..

        • blackknight

          Burn her anyway!!!!!! BURN HER!!!! hahahaha

  • Vroom

    um……isn’t that what makeup is for?

    • Coxy

      make up isn’t for hiding or reconstructing a face, although it is used for that all the time. make up is for highlighting or pronouncing something which is already beautiful, thats what its for.

    • Yourfuckingmom

      this is fucking sad, get a life you fucking racist sad cunts, dont bash other people to make yourself feel better you fucking bitch, you’re just fucking jealous because all the fucking top designer branded make-up can’t make you any less as ugly as you are, nothing can cover up how miserable and hideous you are. you hopeless fuckhead.

  • garp

    …makeup is pretty amazing though, this girl started off chinese and ended up korean, magical indeed

    • Nobody

      I lol’d.

    • Anonymous

      that is so racist

      • garp

        …nope, its not, nice try though

        • Anonymous

          how is it not racist to imply that the chinese are ugly and the koreans not

    • yaluha

      hey! when she ended up,she is still Chinese OK?
      that’s why i hate make up

    • dOG

      Stupid, koreans are very ugly!!!…..

    • Annie

      it has been a fact that most Koreans had plastic surgeries to make them look better. If it is not for plastic surgery and makeup, how on earth will men and women of Korea look so differently: men with very typical small eyes while all women are having beautiful big eyes. So, this is not a matter of being Chinese or Korean.

      • George Danger Cruz

        so even though they are a pretty poor country, they managed to give almost all of them expensive plastic surgery? …. yeah.

        • Stan

          he's probably talking about south korea, which is considered a developed country.

    • ango7

      …a surgically altered korean

  • van damme

    she’s till ugly as hell

    • HellHathNoFury

      You must be blind, since you think she’s ugly and you don’t know how to spell.

      • hi

        Look out its the spelling police

  • HellHathNoFury

    Yup, that’s how it works. I look like a homeless drug addict in the morning, and just a drug addict once I’ve spent 10 minutes on my face.

    • Aaron Cobb

      yeah joke about drugs, you sad git

      • HellHathNoFury

        The only people offended by drug jokes are people with drug problems. I have no sympathy or remorse for people who strive to get into drugs and stay that way, victimizing everyone in their path. STFU.

      • DrZin

        We’re not allowed to f***ing joke about drugs anymore? Where do I find the list of acceptable topics? Where did you get your copy?

  • Tombody

    i’ve woken up next to a few of these

  • Smarsi

    She’s way prettier when she smiles… There’s no secret.

  • Joe Clyde

    Why do they never smile in the before pictures.

  • peteyroberto

    what also floats like a duck?

  • (A)

    This is why I don’t open my eyes until I know my girlfriend has her liar’s powder on.

  • Frearthandox

    churches! On a side note, it helps that she opens her eyes a bit more and starts to smile. I think that’s a bigger difference than the makeup.

    • Akiko

      She’s not opening her eyes more… she’s used what is called “double eye-lid glue” to make her eyes look larger. Comes either in strips or in a tube in liquid form. She’s also used what are called “Circle Contact Lenses” to make her irises also appear larger and doll-like.

  • norm

    I don’t get it, there’s not much difference than when she started.

  • beldar

    Yeah, she’s still ugly, even with makeup on.

  • McBeastie

    To everyone who says she’s ugly either way: You’re still alone and you would totally spend a shitload on dinner and a movie to get her to touch your private parts. No go rub one out losers.

    • George Danger Cruz

      pretty sure no one asked you to describe your current situation. but thanks for sharing.

  • LOL

    Um. Why is she putting mascara on her eyebrows? That’s just weird.

    • Anonymous

      You could put mascara on your eyebrow… They have this brush that looks like mascara but its really for the eyebrow n u just brush it across your brow.. You can put eyeliner or eyeshadow on your brow to refine it

      And Why do people always picks on Asians and immediately label them as Chinese and say they are the same as Koreans and Japanese? If She was White, everyone will be saying shes hot and love the makeup. But when they are Asian, ppl always calls them wannabe’s or ugly, w/e u you guys say… She is pretty but makeup and big eyes just makes a person more attractive

      • DrZin

        It’s usually Koreans bashing Chinese, Chinese bashing Koreans, and both bashing Filipinos.

        Most other peoples are generally pretty hot on (female) Asians, actually.

  • beldar

    Sorry McBeastie. Most of us aren’t as desperate as you, it would seem.

    • norm

      Word to beldar.

    • bananas

      I concur.

  • skeeter

    Liar powder

  • McBeastie

    beldar….most of you are liars.

    norm…word to your mother….as she takes the money from my nightstand.

    • George Danger Cruz

      who the hell is "most of you"? don't tell me your a feminist 'cause if you are anything you say and have said is invalid. also. mom jokes? how old are you? really? mom jokes ended at the same time you got your menopause. Lame ass.

  • i hate korea

    please, she started off korean and turned out chinese if anything. you see those eyes? those are 100% korean eyes

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  • Kirk

    She was already beforehand.

  • forge

    and that’s just mascara, liner and a little eyebrow pencil, folks.

    • Pixi

      Actually, girls like this use eyelid/eyelash glue to fold their eyelid up a bit to create the eye crease that a lot of asian people do not have naturally. This is part of the reason why her eyes look much bigger. Some of them even get contact lenses that make their eyes look bigger too (I can't tell if she has or not. I think so, but it's very subtle or taken from an angle that makes me think that :p)

      There would also be foundation and countouring going on.

  • Equalizer


  • LtDann

    nah…not a big deal…

  • Vola

    She still looks like shit. And how is saying the chinese are generally ugly racist? Facts are facts, my fat friend, facts are facts.

    • Edmund

      dude, every countries have good looking and the not so good looking ladies .. it’s the same for the men.. So saying Chinese are generally ugly is really rude and racist.

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