Add these two together for a beautiful lie (14 Photos)

  • cookiemonster


  • Madstar

    Wow, don’t get so passionate about defending asian women, they’re beautiful.

    as for the rest, ciao 😉

  • cookiemonster

    I am ASIAN!!

  • anon

    I am BLACK

  • cookiemonster

    You know what, I could start a cursing spree but it’s useless even though I’m from the Philippines, I know that there’s still racism and I can’t fight that. Even if she is Korean, I can honestly say that I’m still offended by this. If you think Asian women like us are ugly then too bad if you feel that way, because that’s who we are and I’m not sorry for that.

  • Megantaur

    she is good at putting make up on her face

  • katie

    that’s me in the morning 😦

  • Anonymous

    This is all fucking messed up lol

  • Eduard

    She wasn’t ugly to begin with :/

  • x00x

    First of all, as the previous commenter, Eduard said, she wasn’t ugly to begin with.
    Secondly, an overwhelming 99% of women aren’t much to look at without make-up either

  • Courtney

    She did a good job, but her look could be a little more polished with better eyebrow work

  • Pinkx

    well she doesnt look ugly without makeup, but her eyes aren’t pretty. who cares? no one looks gorgeous without makeup. its a known fact. so what? lets just happily live together and keep using it because it’s perfectly normal, unless you get 9 nose surgeries and start looking like some trashy whore from Hollywood. I’m ok with it. And I dont even look ugly without it. I just wear it because I like to.

  • Anonymous

    you all fail.

  • Peace and love

    hey, who are we to decide who is ugly or pretty lets just say, it takes a lot of courage to show people how you look in the morning and the effort you put in to get your desired result : ), especially to judgmental people like you guys : )

  • Namaewa

    i Love Big Eyes Woman!
    Big Eyes always Owning!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    still not cute tho

  • Meena P

    She is showing how is better before go out side home

  • Tommy

    This is nonsense. She is a pretty girl to begin with and they are using a simple trick. In the first two photos without her makeup she isn’t smiling and her eyes are partially closed. Check out how much of her irises are showing. It’s a well known fact that both a smile and large eyes make someone look more attractive. The makeup helps but basically she opens her eyes and smiles. I wouldn’t even be surprised if makup was used to make her look like she had bags under her eyes to begin with.

  • needved

    naaa! she is pretty even without make-up

  • DrZin

    I’m not big on make-up. I think she looks pretty cute either way.

  • ces

    Make up or not she’s beautiful

  • thatonechick

    she wasnt ugly in the beggining, and the makeup didnt make her look completely different.

  • Blah

    She uses double eyelid glue… ewwww yuck D:
    That’s why her eyes didn’t look as bigger as they were in the end.

    It’s the green tube with the heart and you don’t know what that is look it up…

  • Anonymous

    Wow why am I not surprised that a guy wrote this? She was not ugly to begin with and sorry to tell you but all those celebrities that you think are so hot are EXACTLY the same. You think they all just happen to be so gorgeous? It’s because they all do this every single day. You can honestly take almost anyone off the street and make them look super pretty if you know how to use makeup right.

  • Anonymous

    she turned into a ghost. if i saw her so white like in the last picture i would call 911, looks like she gonna have a stroke any time soon. btw love to read comments from the kiddies who now all are into asian girls since anime and mangas became popular in the western countries.

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