I remember the first time a horn grew out of my head (6 Photos)

  • Idlesniper

    Horney old lady…….

  • Graz

    Cutaneous horn, probably with squamous cell carcinoma. In other words, skin cancer. Looks as if she’s got melanoma starting on the other side of her forehead.

    Or her dad was Mr. Tumnus.

  • youdummy

    dead sexy!

  • Beamer

    I almost threw up

  • Brandon

    WTF? Man, some of those Asian countries are seriously fucked up.

    • durmalanchi

      Do you honestly that that sort of thing doesn’t happen in North America? I’m willing to bet there are things equally shocking right here in the west.

    • gorilla0814

      what the hell..

  • Alan

    How the fuck does that happen?

  • ch0nies

    She’s gummin the hell outta that chicken…

  • Anonymous

    that’s hot

  • modianos

    not as gross as the 10 foot dreadlock

  • lamptoaster

    is she like a retarded Antichrist ??? cause she only got one horn

  • Mr.Doom

    She’s just lucky she hasn’t been stoned to death as the anti-Christ

  • no wayman91

    Good thing she only has one.Just imagine if another one grows on the other side of her forehead. :O

  • n0i2

    pretty fucking American thought “oh man there is some serious shit going on in those Asian countries”. Guess what retard: You had Bush as your fucking president for how long?

    • R44

      Way to assume he is from America asshole there is more then one country that is'nt located in Asia.

  • ayu

    I think she’s related to Hell Boy..

  • Arial

    It's pretty horrible of this site to publish a picture of a poor old lady on a joke site. Really fucked up. Not funny at all. Whoever sent this in should be ashamed of themselves.

  • markkens

    And here's the obligatory "kill it with fire!".

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