The FOG!!! (16 Photos)

  • jeff in Australia

    Yet more places I’m not… sighhhhh.

    Anybody got a spare cigarette..?

  • Irwin109 in UK

    I’m not there either jeff in Australia…. Guess it was foggy though!

  • meme

    2 – Toronto (been there)
    4, 16 – Dubai (easy to figure out on account of that ridiculous tower built for the sole purpose of being the tallest)
    6, 10, 14 – San Francisco (been there)
    8, 9 – Vancouver (my city)

    • Mad

      15 is also Vancouver. I think #1 may be shanghai, looks vaguely like the view from the pearl of the orient… but it has been a long time since i was there

      • skoulikimou

        that was dubai marina

  • Dingo

    welcome to cloud city

  • garp

    …woah, fog backwards is gof, makes you think huh?

    • God

      gof? You mean Gang of Four? If so, then no, it shouldn’t make anyone think.

      • garp

        ….no, Gang of Four?, holy moley how obscure is THAT?, think about it, ‘gof’, it’s a lot like ‘golf’ and who’s the #1 ranked golfer? Tiger that’s who, and he’s in deep kaakaa again for really raunchy text messages shared with some semen receptacle, which is sure to make his lovely wife very sad, that’s what I was getting at, when you see fog, like this, think about how poor Elin must feel….damn you fog!….

  • J

    #7 is London – Canary Wharf

  • tommybhoy

    The fog in dubai is mad….just looks cool when in a tall building! But no one knows how to drive in it….murder when you have to go to work!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    yeah vancity!

  • getfragged

    Who knew The Mist was based on fact?

  • Zach

    Smug alert.

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