This chick is scary as hell (4 Photos)

Depending on how your napalm smells in the morning, you might actually like Rachel here. She works for the Advanced Armor Corp. making suppressors for high-velocity rifles. Personally, I think she’s scary hot.
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  • Kayleigh

    She is hot.

  • abner

    kinda reminded me of jessica alba

  • Allassandra

    hot hot hot hot HOT

  • Anonymous

    who is she,she’s hot

  • Bobo

    Hot as the sun! She can silence me anytime. Come down to Austin baby, we know what looks good and who looks like tools

  • MC

    Beautiful girl. I’m amazed by the number of people on here who don’t see it. Beautiful AND has an interesting job.

  • terrist

    That’s disgusting. I don’t care how hot she is, she’s running windows.

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  • Dave Davidson

    I am in love.

  • Swaaa

    Me too… i love this girl!

  • Justin

    Chive! Please find her full name or more pics!

  • stacie sue

    this girl is hot as hell, her ink is amazing!

  • juan

    i love you rachel call me

  • Bobbaloo

    I want her!

  • Sean-Paul

    I’d f**k her, then I would f**k her earlobes lol. She’s hot! Loving her DSL’s.

  • Anonymous

    She’s actually pretty hot, I’m not gonna lie. looks like Jessica Alba. ❤

  • CL

    Actually, Rachel is a tattoo artist at Sacred Heart Tattoo in Georgia.

  • all tatted up

    This chick is the girl version of me. Tatted up and works for a company that deals with guns. I wanna marry this chick.

  • D-rock

    Scary hot is Fawkin right! i need to change my career!


    I'd hit that. Nay-sayer's are retarded.

  • BigJoe

    i'd let her work on my rifle…

  • Asheley


  • Clark

    Beautiful woman, love to meet her shes right up my alley.

  • CBDeadman

    Holy shit she's hot.

  • 'berto

    Holy shit, she is beautiful! And the ink is a bonus!

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