Girls who love to cup their boobs…my favorite kinda girl (15 Photos)

These images thanks to the good people over at COED Magazine.

  • jeff in Australia

    Very nice… thank you. Now if you can find girls who like to cup their breasts but are too lazy to do it themselves, I would be even happier.

    PS. you have my E-mail to send me their addresses don’t you….?

  • Jimi Luckum


    • cordell


  • Rob

    nom nom nom

  • Joe

    Yes, they are all very sexy, but its not really cupping a couple come close, but the hands need to be forming a cup around the breast. You can't just throw your arm over them.

    Yes sexy, but not cupping.

    • Tyrone Shulaces

      You're a doushe.

    • Anonymous


    • i'm batman

      shut up

  • Cyn

    I think I need to cup something else now. BRB…

  • Phideauxe

    sheesh – a freaking “cupping” expert. looks good to me. cupping, arming, handing, whatever. love the real breasts.

  • TrickyDick

    she looks like J.Lo too – daddy likes ! Yeah, and screw you Joe.

  • BoB

    Goddd, I am dying

  • Spaceflightengineer

    …not one of them is “cupping” rather they are covering up their nipplage.
    Learn the difference! Your life may depend on it!! :^P

    (Thank for the looksee)

  • Equalizer

    I’m Loving It!…

  • Lai-Lai

    Girl(s)? Every single picture is of the same woman.

    • Flicka

      And it's an ad for her amateur porn site, I guess.

  • Trickey

    I would motorboat these!!

  • makaela

    I want to marry u call me 832 410 0156

  • ards

    google image her… it's def better when she is not cupping them!

  • Adonis

    Chive maybe you could talk some REAL girls into doing this and stop with these fake women. Just saying….

  • preincarnate

    Lame. There are Chivers who are way hotter.

  • David

    #11 Chubb worthy

  • DoubleJ

    This is a stick up!!!! Hands in the air.

  • Edgar

    I like girls hot and sexy girls that shows breast

  • Lena

    their boobs are all small, what do you see in these girls.??? dont mean to put these girls on blast or some shiit but they flat chested

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, find her (insert irony, pull head from 4th point of contact).

  • Kayvon

    All the girls in the pictures look SO similar… =P

  • Qman

    I prefer the girls who let me cup their bewbs. They're my favourite kind!

  • Joe

    #14 she would get it so hard nice thighs and breasts

  • George Zip

    I'm not complaining, but covering nipples is different from cupping boobs. A hand bra might still show some nipple.

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