Daily Afternoon Randomness (28 Photos)

  • eric michaels

    one of my photos finally made the chive!

    oh, and first

  • Portly

    eric, i’m proud of you. something tells me this is the greatest accomplishment since the first kiss you never had

  • lastima

    Eric, yo mama’s so fat she fell in love and broke it

  • jeff in Australia

    #13…Why do American letter boxes have flags on them…?
    Serious question, from a country where we don’t…

    • NotCleverEnoughForARealUsername

      To Jeff in Australia:

      The flag when raised tells the post man that he needs to take mail to be sent. He then lowers it to let you know that he took your mail.

      If the flag is down and you want to send mail he won’t take it, he’ll just assume the mail in the box is what he delivered the day before. 🙂

    • inspectmyclouseau

      Im sorry i cant let this go on any longer..too pathetic. Type in flag on mailbox in google Jeff then proceed to retract your wit. Also, and not to harp, but here we call them MAILboxes. Rarely would one get letters in that thing.

      • jeff in Australia

        Thank you for your time…
        Could you please type out a list of things that you don’t consider pathetic, then I will only ask/think about them.
        I am sure I will be a much better person for it.

    • Robi5150

      Signifies that there is mail to go out. What do you guys do down there?

      • jeff in Australia

        Post here, not that long ago, used to be delivered by a postman on a push bike, he would blow a whistle… now it’s delivered by the same postman on a motor scooter.
        So… you wait till you hear a scooter on the footpath… or,

        WARNING something shocking to follow.!

        You get up and walk out to the letter box..
        We are a fat lot too, but maybe a short walk less fat than Americans.
        PS.. does your postman pick up the mail you want to post..?

        • jeff in Australia

          PS. just reread your response, which I forgot to thank you for. Thank you.
          Are you saying the flag is up for the postman, to show there is mail for him to pick up…?
          We buy stamps from the post office or stationary shops and post them at post offices or boxes placed strategically on street corners, not every corner, but usually close by..
          Maybe that should have been thinner by two short walks….

          • Nagrom

            Thats exactly the same system as here (UK). Makes sense seeing as Aussie was a british colony.

            I always thought the flag was for the OWNER of the house. It was raised by the postman to let the owner know that there was mail in there for him.

            You learn something new every day.

        • x-nun

          What if you’re not home to hear the whistle because you are at work, on a walk or picking apples in the neighbors field? There is no possible way for you to be home when the postman comes and you MUST get that letter to you closest sibling to let them know that your your childhood pet has passed away, there will be a ceremony the following week and you need their help before then but you have to be at work so that you have enough money for the service.
          The out come of this family tragedy is based on the postman and his whistle?? Or am i missing something?

          • jeff in Australia

            Good to read someone else who can type while their tongue is firmly planted in the side of their mouth… I know it’s not a big important deal, like snaggletooth (?), but I and a lot of other non-Americans are curious about your world, we read the headline, “important” stuff, but your day to day is a mystery… Like what do “real” Americans think about a whole range of “unimportant” topics. I know this is not the proper place to be asking, but where else can one meet such a diverse group…
            Now put your tongue back in it’s proper place and thank you for you response..

            PS. hope all your pets are fit and well…!

            • x-nun

              I was being completely serious. I don’t get the whistle. I live in Japan and have questions like this every day and the common response is usually “I dont know, that’s how it’s always been”
              She has messed up teeth, is a terrible actor in my opinion and I read too much Dlisted.com

            • jeff in Australia

              X-nun, no insult intended… Good on you for spreading your wings.. Guess you know about that curiosity thing firsthand.. It’s not just me.. All of this started with, what I thought was a simple question, what’s the flag for..? From the many responses, seems a lot of other people, have a curiosity, This is a good thing, glad I have stirred it up a little.. If you have any questions about the country I live in, please ask. This goes for anything else you are curious about…ask. Google only gives you a cold impersonal answers.
              Enjoy your stay in the land of the rising sun.. Why do they call it that…? Do Japanese people know..?

    • masshole

      it’s the law to use anything else, punishable by garden gnome.

      • sock puppet

        Jeff, I worked for the postal service while in college and I know that the flag also saves the mail carrier time. When it’s down and he has no mail for you, he can zip right by without stopping. If he opens the box, whether the flag is down or not, he will take any outgoing mail. There was also a time when you could leave money for him and he knew to leave you the equivalent number of stamps.

        • jeff in Australia

          Thank you… A concise and definitive answer. From the responses, seems a lot of Americans are now, thanks to you, are a bit more educated about their recent history.
          As you can see from the many responses, thank you all, there were many idea’s.
          Curiosity, discussion, questions, opinions, answers. All good things.
          What else can I ask…? So many questions..

          • x-nun

            I asked why its’s called the land of the rising sun and no one gave me the same answer. But that’s what I get for asking drunks. It’s funny how much we don’t know about our own culture, environment etc. sometimes. My japanese supervisor and I were on a train one day and he asked me what S.O.S ment and at the time I didn’t know so he figured it stood for Super Odd Situation. I’m sticking with that from now on. Sometimes getting to the answer is as interesting as finding the question.

            • jeff in Australia

              Wonderful, maybe the people you asked, if they remember, will ask friends and relatives.
              Curiosity spreads. Hope you have a great time in Japan, I envy you, and please remember, any questions on Australia, I’d love to be asked.
              S.O.S. doesn’t really mean anything , …- – -… is easy to remember and just happens to correspond to the letters.

            • danie

              s.o.s means save our souls btw

    • Sid

      Where I live (Oregon) we put up the flag when we want the mailman to deliver our mail. He will not deliver it if the flag is down. If the weather is inclement, for example, we would want to not go outside that day. If the flag is down for seven consecutive days he will deliver the mail whether the flag is up or not, as the backed up mail gets too heavy to carry around anymore.

  • JK

    19 is awesome

    • Cocos Island

      I would fuk that guy in the armpit all day long!

  • doo

    The mailman puts the flag up when there’s mail for you, so you know to go and get it.

    • jeff in Australia

      Thank you… great idea..
      Could say something about obesity here, but I won’t.
      Thanks again..

      • Actually

        Actually you put the flag up to signal to the postman that you have outgoing mail. Not incoming.

        • Quacodile

          Does anyone in the US actually know what the flags for? it seems your just as confused as us lot in other countries where we’re not lazy.

  • Wikus.the Dickus

    the first one works for some meme¨s

  • i hate my JOB

    19. thank you

  • Jose Biscuits

    8- Zoidberg beanie/ Quad cock cozy

  • funkmace

    could say something about gullible stupidity here but won’t……

  • anystranger

    #21 is so wrong…i fought a vampire once, no way in hell a zombie could beat him !

    • Mr.Taco

      Just saying #21 The troll always wins.

  • Nicnac

    the vast majority of mailboxes in the US do not have flags. That’s an iconic thing from a past age and usually seen in rural areas today.
    Oh, and the confusion as to what the flag means amongst Americans is just sad and validates Jeff asking.

  • Nicnac

    btw #11 is Kirsten Dunst acting in an upskirt Anime style music video in the streets of Japan with civilians (mostly men) staring at her while she sings some stupid girly Japanese song… directed by McG. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • x-nun

      You’re right! That IS Snaggletooth!! She sings? Is she better at it than acting?

    • Rusty

      Uhh… the song she’s singing is ‘Turning Japanese’ by The Vapors. It’s actually … pretty insulting to the Japanese. It’s about the face the dude that sings it makes when he jacks off. 😀

  • capns

    Seriously one of the best galleries I’ve ever witnessed.

  • Seth1325

    who is that in #5??

  • Chris

    God I want to know who the girl in 19 is.


    Vader: “Nooooooooooooooo”

    • Nagrom


      Now you mentioned #19 I see what it is. Nice ass. I was looking at it ages trying to figure out what it was.

      Well I AM married with a 2 year old. Been a while since I seen a girls ass LOL

  • Nagrom


    Never wanted an old NES so much till now LOL

  • stan

    the chive has turned it up a notch.

  • Seth1325

    by the way, #5 is Daisy Van Heyden. your welcome.

  • Dave

    Is #18 the chick from the ring? I’m scared guys!

  • top dog

    That is one sexy female cop in #3. You don’t see em like that here, not anymore anyway. I’ve seen some in Germany and Italy…..SEXY!!

  • Joe

    #3 FTW!

  • dork

    epic thread FTMFW

  • Joey

    Man I bet #3 stops traffic

  • Rusty

    #13 – best bicycle ever.

    #15 – Looks like the city water in Gautier, Mississippi. When I was stationed there (actually, next town over – Pascagoula) , every month or so the water district would put notes on everyone’s doors telling them the chemical makeup of the water from the most recent round of testing, and then they’d make sure to tell you that it was in fact safe to drink, it just looked bad.

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