Some serious douchebaggery (28 Photos)

  • stafferty

    #3: Oh God! Kill it with fire! What do you mean you tried that and it didn't work?

    #28 Know what bitches love? My 1998 lime green Civic hatchback. If that doesn't get them, my black crocs never fail. They don't even care that my fat ass has to replace the leaf springs every 3000 miles.

    • Jim Reuss

      #28. its a 92-95 civic and they don't have leaf springs. derp!!

    • Smoke


  • niceguyted

    Whatever. I'd totally f*ck the dude in #11.

    • archive303

      Americans have not met the Zef side yet.
      They dont understand culture yet.

      • Anonymous

        “They dont understand culture yet.”

        Speaking of douchebags…

        No culture? Considering that people from just about every other nation live in the U.S., they probably have more culture than most countries! So they didn’t have famous architects or painters there back in the middle ages or during the Renaissance, that doesn’t take away from what they do have. Ever been to New Orleans? Ever been to a small town during the Fourth of July? Ever been to a tailgate party before a game? Ever seen a play on Broadway? A fashion show in NY? Hung out on the beach and watched the sun go down in Malibu? Ever been to a small town when it’s the big game night? Ever seen the stunning beauty of Bryce Canyon? Been to the wine country in California? Trust me, there is plenty of culture everywhere you go. I hope to vacation there again someday.

        • MichaelGS

          don’t wanna rain on anyones parade here but the US isnt only country in the world with immigrants from other countries. its not like everyone moves there and nowhere else. sure its a cool place but Autralia,UK,Spain,Germany,France(dont ask why France),etc. all have immigrants.

          • Anonymous

            and the award for the most obvious statement goes to…MichaelGS!

            Of course most nations have immigrants. The main point of my statement, (which I thought was fairly obvious), was that the U.S. has plenty of culture. Why a good portion of people outside the U.S. don’t realize that is beyond me. The fact that it’s a young country doesn’t mean there is no culture there!

            • MichaelGS

              im just saying you cant use that “we have people from all over” arguement to say they have culture when its a fact of modern day life (and the last few centuries) that people move around, it’d be like saying “we have fat people because we eat”. dont get me wrong, im not saying USA has no culture, theres a very diverse background to all the states. and age similarly to what you said doesnt mean much really in the grand scheme of cultural things

            • Anonymous

              (not sure if this will end up in the right order, the reply button is missing from your statement MichaelGS)

              Using the immigrant statement can absolutely be used to define culture. Those immigrants bring their culture to the country they move to. I lived in a city of just 60,000 but there were many Mexican restaurants and stores, Thai restaurants, a Filipino market, a Cambodian market, an Italian restaurant (no, not a chain like Olive Garden!), a Korean church, etc. A neighboring city had a sizable Russian and Ukrainian population. I guess you can’t say that a country has it’s “own” culture from the immigrants, but you can’t deny that the culture is there.

    • Richard

      Im pretty sure thats Josef Gloor. He's a fitness model / Pro body builder.

  • Random

    Wow.. Every time I thought I had seen the worst of the post – there was another one. How can we stop this?

  • big tuna

    Only in America do d-bags like this get chicks.

    • gigi

      you are so wrong. it’s like a new specie,the male d-bag and the female d-bag….

      • Big Bob

        Nah…every country has their version of the douchebag. They just dress differently.

    • CunningLinguist

      big tuna, those have to be europeans. us americans are too fat to dousche like this.

  • htiman219

    maybe we can get the hotties that were shooting the fish with bows in the earlier post to shoot the idiots in the face??? just a suggestion.

  • poop

    what a bunch of fags.
    27 hot

  • at work

    #4 and #7 made me laugh

  • top dog

    Most of those women look pretty good, douche bag or no, i will hit them. Especially the girl in #19, nice nipple, nice tits.

  • Joey

    Stop breathing my air youre wasting it

  • Big Bob

    #3 scares the shit out of me and #7 are just douchebag wanna-bees, they can’t even get females to pose with them! Let’s just call them douchebags in training.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like I’m at the mall….

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA #2 is taking his own picture, but he’s still goin for the ‘nah, nah don’t take my pic bro’ look….lol what a doofus

  • ing

    is #2 also #14?

  • Brandon

    The content of this post truly lived up to the standards of the title

  • notninja

    #6 is Ninja and Yolandi from Die Antwoord, a south african hip-hop act.

    • Stewie

      Noticed them as well!

      Then again, they're making fun of wannabe-hip hop-douchbags all the time, I think Ninja'd see this as an hommage 😉

  • NTFW

    #4 made me LOL so hard at work… FWD!!

    tnx chive ❤ *dbag noises*

  • tommybhoy

    I just dispare at these pictures. They seem to have social club where they try to beat each other to be the biggest douche!!!

    But am a tolerant person so….would bang #27.

  • beldar

    I hate these people that pose for pictures with kissy face lips and doing weird ass shit with their fingers. Automatic D-bag when you do any of that.

  • Hope

    I can’t anymore with the duck face…it’s too much….and shame on the photographers for not saying anything…idiots…all of them.

  • bigrye

    VOMITS on #3

  • Cara

    #18 is a guy I probably would knock boots with, but would never admit to- because he probably is not only a douche but a jackass… he’s still hot, minus the douchy glasses..

  • wretchinghives

    cannot be unseen. Consolation prize for having been subjected to this batch of half a fags is that in 25 years or so, people will still be laughing at and making fun of them for their retardedness.

  • Anonmouse

    I wanted to be part of the #7 gang but two things excluded me: a bandanna to wear on my head and the fact that I’ve already had sex.

  • confused

    when will someone do the world a favor and get rid of these people and any record of jersey shore

  • Robi5150

    I would love to see some sort of study where they identify the misfiring synapse in the brain causing these D-bags to look in the mirror and shout “FUCK YEAH…I’M A PUSSY MAGNET!” And then, of course, develop a cure.

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