Some serious douchebaggery (28 Photos)

  • maxcutus


    Where do I begin.

  • Linefire

    I hate sharing oxygen with these idiots

  • P-90

    #18 Daken Akihiro?

  • Candy

    #6 Is south african band Die Antwoord! lol not douchebags at all.

    • beldar

      Just because you’re a “band” , doesn’t mean you can’t be douchebags. Those two, band or not, are definitely douchebags.

      • Stewie

        That's the act. His name is 'Ninja' for crying out loud. Totally over the top.

  • jeff in Australia

    Good grief….. these people are lucky on two counts..

    They love themselves.
    No one else ever could.

    They have hands.
    They will have sex.

  • Pancake

    #6 Die Antwoord are NOT douchebags

  • lolz

    #25 is awesome……..i was talking about the Gibson Les Paul at the upper left corner LOL

  • lha

    haha notice how most of these people are white.

    • Anonmouse

      Trust me, they could show plenty of losers of different races but then they’d probably be accused of being racist. They could show plenty of black kids with pants so big they hang down to their knees, wearing the Mr. T starter kit necklace set, holding money, with a gold tooth and a sideways gun. They could show some Asian kids acting “gangsta” or a million Chinese kids with the exact same hair cut. Hispanic kids could be shown wearing bandannas so low they have to tilt their head upwards to see. Face it, stupidity knows no bounds when it comes to race.

      • top dog

        They should show them anyway. Hell, D-bags(I prefer the term hot water bottle)come in all shapes and colors, some think they are racist for NOT showing them.

  • Wills1215

    This selection of photos is the strongest argument as to why Abortion should be legal in all 50 states. Better yet, how about late term abortion…. Like for 20 and 30 year olds.

  • Timebomb

    These people need to get lead poisoning

    • onelostdog

      Most of them are going to get skin cancer, at least.

  • Captain Pasty

    #6 is Die Antwoord. Not douchebags. They’re kinda funny, “die antwoord” means “the answer”
    “the answer to what?”
    “….fuck…. anything…”

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  • Waspo

    No.6 are from the music group ‘Die Antwoord’. They are from South Africa and make some really freaky music videos. Check ’em out on YT or something for a video called Enter the Ninja.

  • bakedpotatoes

    I think someone forgot what douchebag means. . .

  • Someoneelse

    just line these ppl up in rows so you use less bullets when you shoot them

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  • Edmacori

    oompa efin loompas

  • Anonymous


  • Hitler, where are your Camps when we so desperately need them?

    The duckbill faces on the male colostomybags are not made just at the time of the photo. Their lips are permanently affixed in this position as the result of thousands of hours of sucking cock. All of them will gobble penis for even the most minute particulate of cocaine or a dab of orange skin cream, or so I’ve heard.

  • anmil

    Wow…so many DBs in one place. What goes through the minds of some of these DBs…prolly not much, eh? Thanks. One of the better compilations of DB pictures.

  • Why Not?

    i hate duckfaces.

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